Over 2500 Clients in Six Years

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How Do We Work With Our Clients

[dropcap]1[/dropcap] Pre Work Analysis. What are you trying to achieve. What goals do we need to set. How competitive is your Industry and Marketplace. Who are the major players. What are the findings from our detailed audit of your site should you already have one. What goals do we expect to achieve within four months.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap] On Site SEO and Indexing/Submission. This is where we tweak each page of your site to focus on a particular Key Word Phrase. We also want the Site to be Indexed and Crawl able for the search Engine creating xml and html site maps and On Site Optimisation where needed.

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] Developing Relevant Social Media Business Profiles. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course google plus, google brand pages, google my business, google maps and YouTube may be relevant sharing platforms and of course adding your site to relevant directories/citations

[dropcap]4[/dropcap] Content Creation and sharing. Creating meaningful content and sharing this with your social media followers. Campaigns may also be required to build/boost you Social Media followings. It's all about creating content, sharing content and increasing traffic to your site.

[dropcap]5[/dropcap] Continuing to create and share content. Building you Social Media followings and tracking your results on a weekly and monthly basis against your goals. It's all about measuring where you started, where you are and how close you are to reaching your goals

[dropcap]6[/dropcap] The initial SEO and Digital Marketing have settled in. Time to look at Local SEO so you can compete Locally and Paid Google Ads to boost your Online pressence. Now you are ready to combine Organic/Local and Paid Search Ads to give you a complete Strategy.

Our Values Define Who We Are And How We Treat Our Clients And Their Business

Symbiotic Relationship

You Success is our Success. We want to keep you as a Client and must get results and must take care and pride so you can remain and Online and Industry Success

Ethical & Trustworthy

SEO and Digial Marketing have had a bad wrap. Too many Companies promissing and cutting corners. We only provide Google Approved Techniques.

Current Proven Methods

We spend hours each week learning from the best Industry Experts in Australia Singapore the UK and World Wide. Site Optimization best practices change every year. We keep up to date.

Holistic Agnostic Approach

The best approach can vary from Client to Client as does the methods implemented. We take your goals and budget into consideration.