Terms and Conditions SEO Bali Web Design

1.0 General Business Ethics

1.1 When we, SEO Bali Web Design work with a new or existing client we are to the best of our ability genuinely trying to help their Business. The staff employed by our company are all trained to the best of their ability and will make a valid and reasonable effort to assist in the success of our Clients Project.

1.2 Management will cross check to ensure the work is completed to our standard and satisfaction ensuring work is performed correctly and to the best of our ability.

2.0 Communication

2.1 SEO Bali Web Design are undertaking a project for our Client whose Business Name is mentioned in the Proposal Document. The point of contact in our Client.s Business could be a Director/Owner, Manager or Employee.

2.2 Communication between SEO Bali Web Design and our Client are via the mentioned Names/Representatives in the Proposal. This is to ensure all communication is stream line and consistent ensuring errors or miscommunication is kept to a minimum.

2.3 Information between parties is confidential unless specified and agreed to. This is further expanded on in our Privacy Policy.

2.4 The Business Requirements of the Client is clearly outlined in the Proposal Document.

2.5 The Business Solution provided by SEO Bali Web Design is clearly outlined in the Proposal Document.

3.0 Privacy

3.1 Privacy is extremely important and we respect the privacy of all our Clients. Data, budgets, revenue, login details, business strategy and competitor analysis are all sensitive areas. We have a Privacy Policy at url https://www.seobaliwebdesign.com/privacypolicy that covers these areas and explores areas centred around matters concerning Client Privacy.

4.0 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4.1 The nature and process of SEO means we cannot and never will guarantee results. To guarantee SEO rankings is in direct breach of Google Guidelines and is unethical. We create a path to success but can never and will never guarantee results.

4.2 To the best of our ability we follow Google Guidelines and best practise Industry Standards outlined by Google and Global leaders in SEO such as MOZ and SEM Rush.

4.3 Payment for services such as SEO are paid monthly in advance each month prior to any work commencing.

4.4 SEO requires us to make changes to the content on the Client’s Website and in the source code of the Website. We advise Clients to make a full backup of their Site prior to use commencing any SEO work. Additionally we many be required as part of the SEO process change headings, page content, page urls to better rank for desired key word terms.

4.5 SEO is not an instant process, this is outlined in the Client Proposal Document. We recommend Clients commit to a minimum of 4 months of SEO in order to provide the best chance of a projects success. After four months of SEO a Client’s Site will typically start to rank on Google Search. A Client can cancel after the first, second or third month and simply not pay any further invoices however we do not recommend this approach. SEO really needs a minimum 4 month commitment.

4.6 There are no locked in terms and the Client can cancel at the end of the month if they wish to no longer continue with SEO.

5.0 Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

5.1 Services such as SEM/Google Ads, Social Media Markets (ie Facebook, Instagram) have two components expressed in 5.2 and 5.3.

5.2 Our Service Fee for creating Digital Content and setting up and managing Advertising Campaigns. The set up fee is usually a once off fee and the monthly management fee is paid monthly before the start of the month.

5.3 A fee paid to the platform used for marketing, ie Google Ads, Facebook. This fee is paid by the Client to the respective Company and not us, SEO Bali Web Design.

5.4 Digital content ie, Video Content used for such Marketing Campaigns is owned and the property of SEO Bali Web Design. While the Client uses our Agency to promote their Business via Social Media Campaigns this content which we have created to maximise client results can be used as advertising material.

5.5 We can if agreed to let the Client use our Marketing Content for a monthly fee should they no longer choose to use our Advertising Services

5.6 We can if agreed provide the mp4 video files to the Client if they decide to purchase the content outright else normal protocol is our Client will not have access to mp4 files as stipulated in section 5.4.

5.7 When we create Digital Video Content for a Client we charge them a fee typically $150 per video. This is not the fee for purchasing content and is a fraction of the price to purchase outright. As mention they can use this content as described in section 5.4 and 5.5

5.8 Like SEO, Marketing Campaigns like Google Ads and Facebook Ads generally have more success after a few months. We encourage Clients to at least be prepared to commit to advertising on such platforms for at least 3 months. Payment for management is on a monthly basis with no locked in term.

5.9 We will never guarantee marketing results of any marketing campaigns. We will using our skill, ability experience and the Client’s Budget along with their and our Media Content to provide campaigns a Best Effort/Attempt to gain desired results but cannot and will not guarantee results.

6.0 Web Design Projects

6.1 Web Design services have two payment components outlined in section 6.2 and 6.3 .

6.2 The fee/charges for Domain Registration for a term of 12 months, Hosting charges which can either be monthly or over 12 months and finally SSL Certification which is paid for a term of 12 months. These charges are paid direct by the Client to the Hosting Provider. Our preferred and recommended provider is Godaddy or Hostgator. From our experience these providers are trustworthy, reliable and are an excellent hosting platforms. Client may however nominate their preferred hosting provider to organise Domain Registration, Hosting and SSL Certification.

6.3 Our fee for building a website. 50% is typically paid up front prior to starting the Client’s Project and 50% is paid at the completion of the project second draft for projects exceeding $500. Once the Client has paid for the service in full they will be provided back end login credentials and receive a 1 hour tutorial to teach them how to maintain their site. For services priced at under $500 the amount is typically paid in full prior to the start of the project.

6.4 If Clients at the completion of a project decide to let us maintain their Site a monthly fee will be charged to the Client. We encourage Clients to do their own maintenance but typically charge $20 per month should they nominate use to perform maintenance on their behalf

6.5 Clients are required to assist in the design of their Website by providing content both written and images/visual which is to be used on their Website. Clients, if they have a logo are required to provide us with their Business Logo. Pricing does not include us creating written content for their Website or providing images or other media.

6.6 Once a website is completed we backup/save the entire project so if a Client or third party accidentally damage the website we can restore the completed version of the project.

6.7 Once we complete a project in addition to providing 1 hour of training we can for a grace period of one month make minor cosmetic changes to their Website and assist further with matters relating to website maintenance.

6.8 Should the scope of the project significantly change/deviate from the Client Proposal Document a new version of the Proposal will need to be agreed to along with revised pricing.

6.9 Payment is made usually to our Australia account owned by Day Stream Communication Pty Ltd with our preferred bank being ANZ Bank. We have a local bank account in Bali New Zealand, UK and Singapore for Clients based in this regions should payment to a local bank account be easier or preferred.

6.91 Currency and quotations are in local currency. Ie clients in Bali or Jakarta will be quoted in Indonesian Rupiah. Clients in Singapore in Singaporean Dollars etc.

6.92 If we are unable to complete a project due to unplanned or unforeseeable issues that have to the best of our ability tried to be resolved we will not charge the Client for the remaining 50% of the project. These occurrences are extremely rare and only usually occur on larger more sophisticated projects.

6.93 At times a project cannot be completed because the Client has significantly changed the scope of the project and may not be aware of understand the intricacies of the additional requirements/requests. We still many retain the original deposit/instalment as we have to the best or our ability worked on the Client’s project. Again these occurrences are extremely rare.

6.94 If we work on a Client’s existing site we ask the Client to make a full backup prior to use commencing any work on their Project. This is the Client’s Responsibility. If we have access to make a backup prior to commencing work we also as part of our Practise make a backup however sometimes we don’t have this access thus the Client is advised to make a backup of their site prior to use making any changes/modifications.

7.0 Payment and Accounts

7.1 Payments for services such as SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing may include a set up fee which is a once off payment and an ongoing monthly fee invoices in advance and is required to be payed before the commencement of work on a given project each month.

7.3 Once the initial payment has been received by a client it is assumed they have read, understood and agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

7.4 Services such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads have an advertising budget that is paid directly to the platform ie Google, Facebook previously stipulated in section 5.3. We, through our management of a given project will use this budget in an attempt to attain the best/optimum marketing results using the Clients Budget. We are however not liable should a marketing campaign not perform the way it was intended.

8.0 Legal Entity

8.1 SEO Bali Web Design operates and practices in several different countries across many different States and Territories. The bulk of the Clients are based in Australia therefore we are a Rgistered Australian Company. Our Company is Day Stream Communications Pty/Ltd registered annually on ASIC. Our Account is a Corporate Account with the ANZ Bank and Company Tax is payable to the ATO as is GST, This is standard practise for any Company in Australia .

8.2 For Clients outside Australia in Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand and the UK we have local bank accounts for our Client’s Convenience.

8. 3 For any further questions relating to our Terms and Conditions our Management will be able to assist.