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SEO/Digital Marketing For Small Businesses & Start Ups

I have a question for you
Is your Business Worth more than $1000?
If the answer is No then this website is not for you. Thanks for your time and good luck
If your Business is worth more that $1000 we can help you and congratulations you have a serious Business.
We can help you achieve you online goals but what do we need to do and how much will it cost? Find out below
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Step One is always Strategy. You need an Strategic Digital Marketing Plan. Forget SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Create these are tactical outcomes. You need to start with Strategy

We are the experts, we have helped hundreds of clients grow from zero to hero., The ones that succeed listen and act on our advise and the clients who think they are the experts and want use to jump into tactics like SEO SEO etc fail every time.
A Strategic Digital Marketing Plan is your Blue Print to Online Success. It is the single most important thing you need to do if you want your business to survive and thrive onlne
The video in 3 minutes very clearly conveys what a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan entails
Ideal for Established Clients in who have high competition and need the extra time and resources allocated to constantly boost their SEO/Digital Marketing

So How much will A Strategic Marketing Plan Cost

In terms of quantitative time if will take us 20 hours to complete a Strategic Marketing Plan
Your will get a one hour consultation usually via Skype where we discover your goals challenges etc
At the end of the project you will get a 1 hr consultation where we make suggestions and guide you to tactical outcomes.
Our Time Expertise Recoomendations and Guidance comes with a most $1000 fee and is totally worth it so click the below button and lets make your Business a Super Star online
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Website Design and Creation

From $800 – $1000 Per Site
All sites are build on the Word Press Platform with an Award Winning Premium Theme with over 60 different sites designs to choose from
All websites are mobile responsive and fully functional and have been tested for user experience and user interaction
Our Team can assist you regardless if you are in Bali Australia or Singapore. We are always a phone all or email away
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