Digital Marketing Instagram: A few weeks ago I wrote an article discussing Facebook marketing in some detail. Well now is a great time to discuss another awesome and powerful social media platform closely related to Facebook. Let’s take a good look at Instagram

Advertising benefits of Instagram digital marketing

Instagram is owned by Facebook and the platform’s marketing and advertising back end is linked with Facebook. This makes any paid advertising campaign immensely powerful as it can be used across both platforms. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and Instagram is right up there so when you harness the power of both these social platforms you are simply able to reach many people. The advertising can also be tweaked to be very targeted which can get you right in front of your target audience. This is brilliant; however, you will need a budget.

A picture is 1000 words.

There is one big difference between Facebook and Instagram, Instagram is a lot more visual. It was created to showcase imagery. Facebook was more about writing content and maybe adding on an image. So, Instagram is a lot more visually captivating. If you have a visual product, i.e. a restaurant, bar, retail, then some really good pictures on Instagram can go along way. However, if your business is not visually appealing, i.e. taxation law then this might not be the best platform for you to advertise on.

I will now look at Bali as an example.
I know that tourism is the main industry for Bali, which mean restaurants, retail shops bars, clubs, hotels, massage and days spas. It is no surprise to find out why Instagram is hugely popular in Bali, it fits in with showcasing many businesses and if you have a business/product in a similar location that is visual then you need to be on Instagram.

Superstars are made with Instagram digital marketing

That is correct Instagram and its sibling Facebook are extremely popular and when I look at a hugely popular and successful business that have come out from nowhere, the first action is to look at their social media pages. It is usually busy and very popular. I analyse trends, it’s what I do, and I see this trend repeated over and over again. It’s not a secret formula. Now before you run away and get super excited, only the strongest win online. I can quantify this, the top 10% make it work.

Do you have what it takes to be a digital marketing success on Instagram?

Instagram is super powerful; however, it is also extremely competitive. Only the absolute best see any positive results. 10% who advertise on this platform will see a direct and often a massive benefit to their business. What about the other 90%?

Exactly what about them, they were not good enough. Their marketing was either too weak, did not reach enough people or did not have a clear goal. Marketing and advertising online is a profession, not everyone can do it. I will state the vast majority of people I have met have no idea about what will or will not work. This is exactly why you need to get us to help you with your Instagram and social media marketing. If you think you can do this, I will wish you all the luck in the world but experience tells me you will be in the bottom 90%.

Video content for Instagram, super powerful

Finally, if a picture is 1000 words, sometimes a short well made video can be an entire chapter.
We know Instagram is visually built to display images and visual content. So, what would give you an additional advantage? Video content.
It is great for telling a short story and often is even more compelling and engaging than a good image.

So, this means when you advertise on Instagram you need it because Instagram is extremely competitive and that means you need every advantage possible. Again, if you do this yourself, you will probably make a complete mess of things. I don’t know you but I know again from past experience most people think they can make great video content, but they can’t.

This is exactly why you would come to us for assistance. We are experts and social media marketing and creating awesome powerful promotional video content. So, work with us, we are the best team in Bali because we have global expertise.