Anyone who currently lives on the planet earth for the last five years or so have all been told again and again that social media content is extremely important and if you have a business, you must be on social media. Has anyone in simple, easy to understand language ever explained why it is important or if and how it will work for your business? Let's take a closer look.

What is social media?

So I am guessing you have heard of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Linkedin and maybe a few more social media platforms. These are the main social media platform where people post social media content. So what exactly is social media?

Simple it is you sharing information about yourself or your business, or a story or something of interest that you would like to share with your friends or strangers online. It could be a picture of your lunch, it could be a short video of you working out in the gym, it could be you writing a review on an amazing or awful restaurant you just went to.

It's you having a voice and communicating with people you would like to share information with. A post is simply you writing or posting an image on your Facebook or Instagram or Twitter page. You need to subscribe/register on these platforms and create a page where you can share information. It's free.

What is the purpose of social media for Business?

So you can reach out and show all of your friends the amazing time you are having on holiday in Italy and that would be an example of how you would use social media personally, but not for business. Businesses can create a business page on social media. It is like a personal page but instead of sharing and displaying content about you, it is focused on your business.

You can share this information with your friends but it is better to reach out to your potential customers and share information with them. These social media platforms are very sophisticated and you can target who you want to reach out to and present content with. For example, if I owned a gym, I would create content and share it with people who were into fitness and working out.

I could be more specific, if I owned a gym in Bali, in a specific area, Canggu and new most of the people who used the gym were aged between 20 -40. I could run an advertising campaign and create content, people who are into fitness living in Canggu Bali aged between 20-40 may be able to see this content and inquire about the gym or share this information with their friends who may be interested in a gym membership. You can see how this can be very powerful.

Do All Businesses Need Social Media?

This answer will surprise you. If you have a business, do you need social media content? No.

In fact, I own several businesses that have zero social media content and consistently make money. They don't even have a social media page. You will constantly be told your business must be on social media. The people spreading this message are usually social media companies. They want you to advertise with them, they want your money.

Social media content and marketing will work for some businesses and not others. Depending on the type of business you have and the type of audience you are targeting, different social media platforms may be more applicable. I would, from my own experience, recommend social media for the vast majority of businesses in Bali. Most businesses in Bali relate to tourism and while social media is not essential for every business, chances are your business could benefit from social media.

What type of Social Media content should I use?

Again it really depends on your audience and what type of content they like to consume. There is no one approach for every business, but in general, we recommend a combined approach and above all, test work works. Testing is a huge component of successful social media marketing.

In general, you have three types of content, text, image and video. My preference is to use promotional video content for social media advertising. Video content is usually very powerful, but only if done properly and it does take some sophistication to set this up. The great news is we can help you create awesome video content for your business.

Are you sure this will work for my business?

So I like to be optimistic but above all, I am a pragmatist. You will probably fail, why?

Because most businesses fail miserably with social media content and advertising. Don't get me wrong, many businesses are hugely successful and make tens of millions of dollars, but they are usually large businesses and corporations. Most small businesses spend money and don't see the return on investment. Why?

It takes real skill to work with a limited budget and compete with giants. Social media and online marketing change all the time. What was great advice 5 years ago is now outdated and terrible advice. Most business owners have no idea but are arrogant and insist they are the experts. If you are going to engage in creating social media content and marketing you need a professional assistant.

Most social media experts in Bali are a complete joke. I know, I always check out my competition. They are giving advice that is 5 years old and things have changed, social media is now super competitive. So what can you do to grow your business with social media? Contact real experts in Digital Marketing, contact us. You will need at least $300 for our service every month and a minimum of $300 in marketing. If you don't have this money, don't start until you save up. Running a business costs money.