Bali is not a normal place. It centres around tourism and while tourism right now is down globally it will be back. Facebook marketing is therefore extremely important and can have significant gains regarding marketing and creating a buzz around your business you might need. Simply put it can get you right in front of potential customers and this is extremely important for any new or existing business.

Facebook and Instagram for Bali

Some businesses perform extremely well with social media and others don’t. It comes down to the nature of the business. We know from years of marketing experience that bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, resorts, hotels, gift shops and day spas all work extremely well with Facebook and Instagram. This means a large number of businesses in Bali can benefit from this form of marketing.

Is Facebook Marketing worth It?

This is a question I frequently hear and I need to be as insightful as possible. Facebook has an agenda. It is to get you to use their marketing platform, to keep you using their marketing platform and get as much money out of you as possible. They too are a business and they want your money and the money from millions of other businesses globally.
Now if it did not work you would soon leave or give up and never return. Therefore they must have a really good platform otherwise it would not be so popular. Facebook marketing if done properly most definitely can work extremely well. So Facebook marketing is worth it if your campaign is managed by the right person.

How much will you need to spend on Facebook Marketing?

How long is a piece of string? We are consultative in our approach. We examine our clients business, their short and long term goals. We assess who their competition is and who their customers or clients are. More importantly where there are, and what are their behaviours We factor all of these things in consideration when making a recommendation. Budgets can vary and are highly scalable. So we can and have experience working with multinational brands and small businesses to startups.

Facebook Marketing Services

So to get the most out of this platform you need to work with an agency that is highly familiar with the Facebook advertising platform. We know all of the tricks, intricacies and have an intimate understanding of the advertising platform. Regardless of whether you are a company based in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore or are a local business in Bali and need to reach customers speaking in Balinese or Javanese we can assist you and place your business and content right in front of your targeted audience, your customers. We test what works, what does not work and scale up or down accordingly.

Video Content for Facebook

We also help you produce powerful video and animation content for a very affordable price. It is emotive and compelling and will assist in helping you grow your business online. It’s no longer enough to have photos or simply text content. People now want and expect more and this is where we can help you.

Finally, You need to be realistic with social media marketing

One of my biggest frustrations is dealing with potential clients who are just not on the same planet.

They literally say they want to make $10000 per month and have a budget of $100 or $150 per month. My response is perhaps brutal. I will tell them to add a zero to their marketing budget and half their goal. That right, this is reality.

A marketing budget of $1500 and a goal of $5000. Now, if your budget and goals were smaller. Say your marketing budget was $500 and your goal was to make $2000, I would say, let me help you. So if you need some Facebook Instagram marketing assistance we are here.