Covid 19 in Bali is not bad, it's a total catastrophe so how can you protect yourself?

There is a saying: 'ignorance is bliss.' Well, it can also be your downfall. The single biggest issue right now in Bali regarding Covid 19 is it’s simply not being reported accurately. How many people in Bali have actually been tested for this virus? 50%, what about 20%, less than 2%? This is the issue. The complete lack of transparency!!!

How many people have actually died from this virus in a country where it is not mandatory to investigate the cause of death? How many have been tested? Questions left unanswered.

Now for the obvious. Wear a mask, that means not on your chin. All you have to do is walk around and it is astounding how many people are simply not wearing a mask or placing it on their chin. Zero protection!!!

Socially distance is a total joke. Right now there is a complete lack of social distancing. People are going to weddings, parties, having families and friends over. The official response is to wear a mask and continue as normal. Nothing is normal, it's a pandemic!!!

The people preaching to continue as normal are prioritizing economic interests so it is up to you to place your life and your family's lives as the priority. Avoid all contact with people not in your household. Work from home if you have the option otherwise mask, face shield, maybe a hair cover, and sanitize constantly.

Invest in a face shield. Due to the sheer volume of people not wearing a mask or socially distancing I would strongly recommend wearing a face shield in combination with a mask. This is simply an added layer of protection and it is most definitely needed.

Gyms and absolutely not safe right now, neither are places of worship. Lots of people in a confined space. That is just not a wise move. Your favorite deity will understand. Bars and clubs and getting a massage, the same, not safe and probably the most dangerous place is the ATM booth. Constant AC running in a very small confined area visited by hundreds of people each day. It just takes one person to cough or sneeze in this environment.

Ultimately it's up to you. You know what's right and what is irresponsible. You know how to protect yourself. Remember, Indonesia has the worst health care system in all of South East Asia, it ranks lower than Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. If you or one of your family members contract Covid 19 and get seriously ill it's not going to end well.

Finally, get your vaccine. There is a real push for people in Bali to get vaccinated. Even if it has 50% efficacy it will help. Our Team is looking after your wellbeing.