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Take advantag of an SEO Consultant or Digital Consultant specialising in all areas of Online Marketing.

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Bali has alot of Talent. Your company in Australia New Zealand Singapore or Indonesia can harness that talent with the service of an seo or Digital Consultant.

What is a Consultant and why should you consider using a consultants services?

When you get an agency to work on your business they will use the agency model. A certain amount of time over a momth will be devoted to your project. It could be five hors, eight hours. You are one client of many, and time needs to be spend of each client.

attain the services of a consultant they use the consultancy model. Your business is the absulute focus for the whole duration the consultant spends with your business. Typically it will range from one week to one month. Over this time you have an expert assisting you with your SEO or another area of Digital Marketing. it many be Pay per Click campaings, Social Media, stratergy. Thie point of difference it you are not the focus for a few hours but with a whole week or month,

A consultant will be able to gain a complete understanding of your business, your challenges and the best course of action for your business over the short terms, 3 - 6 moonths and long term 2 - 5 years.

A consultant is basically having an industry expert work for a limited period of time for your company and provide a maximum impact. It's much better than recruiting an eomplyee who is guessing there way through your challenges. A consultant can assist in training your marketing department on current best practise or train mangement or even the Director.

Bali is affordable and that is why it makes perfrect sense to experience the beneti of using our consulting service.

Our Values Define Who We Our And How We Treat Our Clients And Their Business

Demistify SEO train and set goals

Work out what you or your team are doing, what they are trying to achieve and how they are performing.

Implement Best Practise SEO

Assess what needs to be achieved in both the short and long term and help your business achieve these objectives.

Demystify Digital Marketing and set goals

Assess how your business is reaching potential customers online, what is working and underperforming and learn what the competitors are doing.

Implement Best Practise Digital Marketing

Implement and train/educate internal stakeholders on new or improved methods in conjunction with setting short and long term goals.

How we work: Six Important Steps Four Very Important Initial Months

[dropcap]1[/dropcap] Understanding how your business works. What it does, the product or service it provides, and how it is performing.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap] Examine your marketing strategy. Are you achieving your targets, what are areas that seem to be performing well, and identify areas that are underperforming.

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] Who are your competators and what are they doing. Are you able to dominate the market and are your goals realistic?

[dropcap]4[/dropcap] Suggestions and feedback on embracing new or improved methods and practices. What should you be doing and why you should do it

[dropcap]5[/dropcap] Train relevant stakeholders to workin on implementing new methods and techniques and make it part of the operational business practice.

[dropcap]6[/dropcap] Set objective quantifyable and meausarable goals to ensure business or relevant staff are able to consistently perform and meet objectives

The best news is a consultant can work remotely and not even need to be in your office. Most consultants are able to work remotely and over an very high level of value. THis method is more cost effective than having a consultant in your workspace of office environment.

Consultants are however available to work onside but will require transport costs, accomotation costs and commuting costs. If it is a necessity for the consultnat to physically be in your place of work this is possible but we enourage the remote method as it is a more cost effective option. THey choice is up to you.


An SEO consultant is a person with an expertise or an expert in SEO (Search Engine optimization) to optimizing a website for the search engine. In order to improve the website ranking and optimize it, an SEO consultant would provide you the advice and a brief of the steps taken technically to have your business run in the right direction by practicing the right SEO.

An SEO consultant would help the business owner or website owner and advising them on how to get a higher ranking on a search engines, getting potential traffic, and convert the traffic into a  potential sales to get profit. In the meantime, a consultant will assist in providing suggestions of SEO strategies to improve the website ranking on the search engines to increase customer conversion.


A SEO Consultant offerring a comprehensive yet specific service than an agency. The SEO Consultant role is an adviser in general, sharing their expertise technically and will train you as a business owner to spesifically understand the SEO strategies. A SEO Consultantn is an expert who works individually to provide the advise of SEO strategy for your business. The work terms can be by contract or hourly base, and you will definitely getting evaluation and report for your digital activities, rectify if it’s necessary and make it more effectively. Working with a SEO Consultant means having an expert or a team with an expert and their expertise is to supervise and assisting to maximizing the SEO of your business. A Consultant will assisting in decision making related to your SEO and contributing the suggestions for the business strategy. A consultant own the formula, being an advisor and responsible to the business strategy, and you’re as the executor. Working with a SEO Consultant, you will work and communicate closely and consistent than working with an agency. You will understand about SEO and your business better and involve in the process.


Being a SEO Consultant has to be dynamic and up to date towards the SEO industry. SEO is evolving from time to time, and it will keep evolving in the future. Thus, to rank higher on google search and to be able to contributing an advise to the client the knowledge of SEO should be inline with the update towards the industry. SEO expert knows and understand the keyword research, and fully knowledgeable of doing the research to find the compatible keywords for the business. The result of keywords research then will be used for the content ideas for your website. Not only being an expert of the keyword research, a SEO Consultant should be an expert to optimizing the content on your website. Once the keyword is found, it needs to be implemented on the website page and optimize it. Understanding and analyze the technical issue and should be able to solve it, it’s an extremely important skill for a SEO consultant. Ability to use Google analytics platform and implementing the business advisory based on the report on Google analytic for further improvement if it’s necessary