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We are based in Bali and we are here to provide quality SEO and Digital marketing for a very affordable price. We look after clients across Australia and in Singapore but are we different from other SEO providers in Bali. How can you the client tell a good from poor SEO provider and how do we compare with other SEO providers in Bali. Well let’s answer some of these questions.

Firstly what is our opinion of SEO Providers in Bali? Very simply pretty poor. We pride ourselves on performing quality digital marketing and we are familiar with two other providers in Bali who we believe do an excellent job. One company is owned/managed by two Directors, one from the UK and one from American and there is another SEO provider who is Indonesian and they do excellent work. The vast majority of SEO providers in Bali, over 90% are totally crap and they will ruin your websites long term rankings.

So how do you identify the good guys from the disasters? Two simple questions, that’s right two questions.

Ask them if they can guarantee page one rankings.

Any SEO provider guaranteeing a page one rankings needs to be viewed with extreme caution. Google has explicitly stated that no SEO Provider should ever guarantee a page one ranking. It is impossible to know for certain if such a ranking is possible and is highly dishonest/unethical. When a Digital Marketer makes such a guarantee they are going against Google’s policies to simply gain your business. They are totally untrustworthy. They should advise of a pathway or methodology to best maximize your chances of a page one ranking but never guarantee a page one place.

See if they have Dollar for Backlink pricing.

Ask them how many backlinks they will add every month. Chances are if they are adding more than five backlinks then the links are totally crap. If they start saying 100 or 200 then hang up the phone. See if they have a pricing model where they charge for example $200 for 100 backlink per month or $400 for 400 backlinks. This type of pricing is very outdated and a clear sign the Digital Marketer is not up with the times and will only serve one purpose: Ruining the long term ranking of your website. Adding irrelevant, unnatural backlinks from low quality sites will not improve your SEO rankings and will ultimately harm your site. So if you should ever look beyond us and contact other SEO/Digital Marketers in Bali be sure to ask these two questions and see if they respond in this manner. If they do, run!!!

Finally every single business and website is unique and has unique goals and needs. A quality Digital Marketer will work out what goals your business is trying to achieve and formulate a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy at the onset of the project that is timed and measurable. Without this you don’t really know what your goals are and have no process/method to help you reach these objectives.

Rod Sinclair – Digital Marketing Expert