Australia is a great place to live. It’s a country with so many positives that there are too many to note down. There is one things that people whether locals or visitors do complain about and that is the cost of living down under. Everything and I mean everything is expensive. The cost of labor is very high and thus the costs of goods and services provided is relative.

Digital marketing is no exception, many SEO and Digital Marketing firms will charge over $1000 per month for basic SEO and for competitive industries and corporate businesses which require extra time and effort charging $4000 – $5000 per month is standard. As a result many businesses in Australia especially startups and small businesses with a limited budget are forced to seek providers overseas primarily India or the Philippines. But they are unaware that here in Bali, Australian’s favorite holiday destination there are a Team of keen savvy Australians who produce quality SEO and Digital Marketing services and we can compete with Indian and Philippines providers on price and completely outdo them in workmanship.

So how do we here at SEO Bali Web Design Stack up Against Indian and Philippines SEO Firms???

This is a general review, no two SEO/Digital marketing providers are the same but let’s see what the guys in India and the Philippines will have more success in than us.

They will most definitely get you ranked quicker on page one. In fact they will probably get you ranked on page one within two months. Wow that’s quick but is that a good thing? No, it’s actually part of a problem. As soon as they get fast rankings for you they are also much more likely to get your site severally penalized or completely thrown out from Google’s search engine. Their whole operation is on volume rather than value. They are still offering lots and lots of poor quality unnatural link building methods. They are aware they are doing the wrong thing but is sounds really good telling a client we will add 100 links for $100 or 300 links for $200 and they are all Edu (education links), yes but what good are they if the Edu links are in Russia. They are not spending time researching content to write about what is applicable to your business and creating content that is unique and meaningful. No it’s all about time so they are just going to copy and paste and article they find and adding in a few sentences and delete and few sentences hoping google won’t notice. Google will notice and a server penalty is imminent.

The Indian and Philippines guys are much cheaper than Australian providers but they work is incomparable. We have worked and learned from some of the biggest and best SEO/Digital Marketing firms in Australia and have complete respect for firms like WME, ROI, GMG Digital, Melbourne SEO Services and SEO Empire. They are not good, they are brilliant, but yes not cheap.

So what do we do well……… We are dollar for dollar as competitive as any provider in India or the Philippines. We will not get you ranked as fast as these off shore competitors because quality SEO takes time but we will earn our place for you without trying to trick google and you the client will benefit in the long run. We do for the most and equal job to the best guys in Australia and we are for the most an Australian Team living in Bali where the cost of living is much cheaper than Australia and in turn we can provide a quality affordable Digital Marketing service for you regardless of if your business is in Australia, Bali or elsewhere.

Author: Rod Sinclair