At the start of every year we at SEO Bali Web Design go through a learning curve for 3 or so weeks. We learn what are the best practices and big changes in the Digital Marketing world for the New Year. It is essential if we are to not only be experts in our field but the Best Web Design and Digital Marketing Team in Bali that we keep up to date and learn from our mentors. To work in Digital Marketing and to be an expert you have to love what you do and that means every 12 months be prepared to invest time and money in order to stay ahead of the Game. In turn we can provide optimum help to you our clients.

Now it may come as a surprise to hear this but most of the time there is little change, yet there are a lot of so called online marketing experts claiming to know all the changes for the New Year. What they are doing is recycling their old content. They may have a course titled “latest Digital Marketing changes you need to be aware of in 2018” and we will pay money to do their course only to discover the entire course and content is exactly the same as their previous course titled “latest Digital Marketing changes you need to be aware of in 2017”. You can run through the whole course and nothing would have changes expect for maybe the introduction.

So what is going on?

Well it is a chance for these so called Online Marketing Experts to show case their expertise and sell more of their course ware. If you had never done their course before you would think it was amazing but the course content sometimes more than 90% is exactly the same as the previous year or previous two or three years. This is happening across the board. A New Year mean a new opportunity to get in front of new potential customers wanting to consume the latest and greatest Digital Marketing tips and advice who are willing to pay for this knowledge. Well save yourself money, the knowledge you are consuming has been recycled for several years.

So what has changed in the past 3 or so years??

Nothing really. The information and tips from 2015 has remained consistent for the whole of 2016 and 17. There has been no real major change to search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content creation, date analytics and web design. All the best practices that were mentioned in 2015 have not changed. The major change was in 2014 when social media really started to take over along with content creation and when Google really started to clamp down on poor link building practices. 2014 was also a good time to move your old html website over to a content management system ideally Word Press. So a lot changed in 2014 but since then if you have been doing a proper job at Digital Marketing all these themes are still relevant and essential in the New Year 2018. Pat yourself on the back you are doing a great job. If you are one of our clients then give yourself an extra treat you are working with an amazing Team who know their Stuff!!

So has anything changed in 2018?

Yes there have been a change, just one change. This is the only change worth mentioning in 2018 and it is very important. The change is moving your website from http to https. Internet security over the last few years has become an increasingly important issue and as a result Google and other online authorities have been constantly highlighting all websites need to be secure and switch to https. Google has officially come out and stated if your site has not migrated to https in March 2018 your site will not be crawled by Google and this simply means your SEO rankings will fall fast.

So it is a good opportunity for us to contact our client and charge them a tiny fee of $150 to migrate their site from http to https and if they don’t want to pay this small fee they obviously no longer care about their online business or need their website, we are not going to chase people for $150. If you site is important and you want it to rank in 2018 you need to migrate to https and contact us.


Rod Day Digital Marketing Expert

SEO Bali Web Design