Backpage has been banned and shut down by he FBI, an industry changes overnight

There is nothing worse than seeing people with absolutely no class over night make a little bit of money and act like obnoxious pigs. People think the super rich are the most arrogant but the people I have witnessed who are the most arrogant are people who have had very little and all of a sudden start to make money and grow an attitude overnight.

Backpage was a massive global website where you could advertise various products or services virtually for free. Backpage sadly became saturated with girls showing their holes and offering sexual services. Soon the main source of backpages revenue came from the adult postings and it increased in size to a massive global website. Even in Bali backpage had massive exposure and all the girls who once would have to spend hours in sleazy clubs and bars to silicate clients would simply place an add on backpage showing explicate images and could demand 4 to 5 times the charge from clients they would normally receive. They could even hook up appointments days before hand. All off a sudden women of leisure were appearing everywhere and where very arrogant. They were overnight making money at it was global. It was in LA or New York or Mumbai India or Cape Town South Africa or Bali. Sleazy attractive girls advertising by day and making money by night, They soon had more cash and more time to lounge around and view everyone else with contempt. The cost of advertising in NY or London per ad was not cheap, in places like Penang or Bali very affordable especially when considering the reach and exposure of an ad. The more explicate the ads the more traffic they would generate. Ads were also paid with bitcoin so the advertiser was virtually anonymous.

Well everything has its time especially on the internet. Backpage has been banned and completely shut down. Cheap night workers can no longer show their private parts and demand money. Their income overnight has been halted. Good bye leisure time with an arrogant facade. Time to sell the expensive car, or get rid of the 10 pairs of sun glasses and Iphones you purchased last year. Back to working the clubs at night ladies. Perhaps time to eat some humble pie.