Can SEO Help Your Business??

Despite the fact that the SEO phenomenon is only about fifteen years old, it has been able to achieved huge success as an online business tool. It is not only serve to attract customers online but also to sustain loyalty. Print and broadcast advertising, now it is all about content marketing and social media and most importantly getting your site to appear in search where it is organic SEO or Paid Ads. The internet has changed marketing and SEO is right in the middle of it all.

An attractive website by itself today will not do! You need appropriate meaningful content together with the right keywords but not overdoing it, images and videos and critically regular updates. Websites to need to be functional and efficient, pleasing to the eye, the whole package over time increases you organic SEO rankings. No real secrete, jus quality work.

Small businesses without a budget will struggle, even if they have a budget competitor’s who are much larger will have an advantage but David can complete with Goliath again. Small businesses faced with larger competitors should be mindful the following:

• Include long tailed keywords within powerful written local content

• A boost of offline campaigns and public relations would help intensify advertising

• Mobile websites are essential nowadays, if your site is not mobile responsive time to make it mobile responsive

• Paid Search Ads like Google Adwords and Bing Ads are a powerful compliment to SEO
• Creating content on your sites blog is great but you must share it on Social Media and may need to invest in paid social media campaigns to push your content further

• You must have a budget and use it wisely. Having zero budget is just dreaming

In some scenarios, SEO may not even be the best strategy for a small business. Majestic and Ahrefs remark that competition, budget and time are the essentials factors that need to be considered when striving to achieving high SEO rankings. Whenever you try to get a page one ranking but other sites are ranking about you there is a reason. The are doing things correctly, you may also be doing things correctly but they may have been around longer than you and that means in Googles eyes they are more credible. If you want to compete you need to pay someone to do the work or you need to do the work. Creating content takes time, there are no short cuts.

If you don’t have the time or the budget paid ads may be a better solution, at least you will drive some traffic to your site and that may result in customers. It’s also an instant process.

Chasing Wrong keywords can create problems and stem from poor planning. Searching for example ‘best vacation spot’ will result in a list of resorts and hotels instead of write ups of tourist destinations.

With enough complexities, an expert digital marketing provide like SEO Bali Web Design would factor in all the essentials and formulate a plan of action that hits the right key words efficiently and ideally within four month time frames. New businesses launching products and services are always vulnerable to losing out to the competition. Consider the many countries and languages online and you understand the online market place better.

Software tools like Google Analytic and Webmaster have become essential to understanding the online marketplace and keeping up to date with relevant needs to remain above the competition. Would you have the time and money to take a course to learn about SEO or share the secrets of successful business owners?

Video content and pleasing images work powerfully on the brain that processes them 60,000 times faster that text information. In fact more than 90% of customers make purchases based on what they see. Visual searches may solve may also make life easier for those with language problems or reading challenges. At times search terms do not bring up the results we would like Searching for ‘water’ is like shooting in the dark with endless possibilities.

The more you learn about SEO, the more complex it can appear. Theory does not help, you need economical, practical, timed and results focused solutions and that is exactly what is provided by expert in Digital Marketing like SEO Bali Web Design We are the best in Bali and Indonesia are getting targeted customers to your site.

Author : Rod Sinclair – Digital Marketing Expert