COVID 19 What are the impacts on Online Marketing and Businesses in Bali?

Well it’s now mid April and the world is in a State of chaos. COVID 19 has definitely left its mark globally. Towns, cities and countries are in complete shut down. The global number or cases exceeds 1mil and the death toll exceeds 100000. This is bad, real bad but in times like this one has to be thankful that they are in good health and not sick. That is the most important thing.

We are however all feeling the pinch. Wages, businesses, industries and entire economies have all been significantly reduced. The future for many is at present uncertain. How has COVID 19 impacted on various industries.

Online advertising in general has reduced massively. Google, Facebook, Instagram, They are all seen a massive reduction in Advertising spend. Companies are being forced to shut down operations around the world so that means for many, lets pull back on spend, specifically advertising spend.

It’s not all bad news, charities have seen a significant gain. People with the means are spending money on charities and this is a great thing to observe. Companies that sell masks and gloves online have also been busy, very busy as have sites that sell hand sanitisers as stocks run low in the local supermarket.

Talking about supermarkets people are buying groceries online now more than ever. Savvy shoppers predict big ques at the checkout and are getting groceries home delivered. Supermarkets in general in many countries have seen a sharp spike in revenue because people are buying in bulk as the next few weeks many be uncertain. The idea that it is better to stock up with a few essentials is not a unique idea. Online food orders have also jumped up dramatically. Restaurants and cafes in many countries have shut down but people still want affordable convenient food so restaurants and cafes are now changing to delivering food as apposed to service food at their venue.

Sadly the service industry has been hit hard and in particular the tourist industry. Across the globe flight cancellations, lock downs, travel restrictions and plain straight out fear have decimated this industry in a short period of time. Businesses that were flourishing two months go and still doing well one month ago have now come to a complete halt and have for the time being shut down their operations. We are all asking the same question? When will this end, when will this get better.

Now being more specific and looking at Bali, they vast majority or businesses and people living in Bali make their livelihood of tourism. The island is now a ghost town with very few tourists. What this means is simply everyone will have to ride this out and budget very carefully until global tourism recovers. That will not be immediate. First the world needs to fully recover from COVID 19 and people, air carriers are countries open their boarders and there is consumer confidence that their jobs are secure and they have the confidence to travel. I hate to be pessimistic but expect this transition to take 12-15 months. If your livelihood depends on tourism, do something else for well a while. If you need Digital Marketing you know we are the best in Bali.

Author: Rod Day - Expert Digital Marketer