Three Great Leaders and Nations Stamping on COVID19

I believe in giving credit where credit is due and unlike most people I don’t feel a need to always critique governments and politician. Rather I would like to share three shining examples of politicians showing remarkable leadership and governments actually working for the people and looking after the well-being of the masses. I have three examples of countries in the region who have shown their true worth.

Let’s first look at Singapore. Today’s date is 11 May 2020 and Singapore has reported just over 23800 cases of COVID 19. Singapore is a very close trading partner with China and geographically relatively close so when this virus first emerged Singapore was very swift to react. While the numbers are high only 20 people have actually died from this virus and the Government of Singapore along with their remarkable Prime Minister Lee Loong have taken the right steps to ensure the numbers and most importantly the death toll remained low. Singapore while still deep in the battle against COVID 19 looks to be doing exceptionally well. Less than 1 person in 1000 who contact COVID 19 in Singapore die from the virus. They truly have a fantastic health system a leader and Government they can be proud off. There is a battle to stop the spread of the virus in the immigrant worker dormitories right now but the spread of COVID 19 outside these areas has significantly reduced which is a very positive sign. Keep on fighting Singapore, you are winning,

Australia is next, Scott Morrisson had a brutal 2019. Australia had to endure wave after wave of natural disaster and come 2020 the COVID 19 outbreak. Like Singapore, Australia took swift action at the onset of the virus. The public was clearly kept in the loop, borders were locked down and then social distancing soon turned to a full lock-down of each State and Territory. At the centre of all of this was Scott Morrison, the Head of the Australian Government showing decisive action, firmness and compassion. Australia like Singapore understood that they were fighting two fights, a pathological war and a financial battle. Provisions were made to ensure the poorest and most vulnerable were looked after. To date just under 7000 cases have been reported across Australia with sadly 97 deaths. The Australian Government and people while still fighting this pandemic seem to have it on the ropes and signs are looking very positive. They are soon planing to curb back restrictions but are cautions not to create a second wave. Well done Australia and Scott Morrison.

New Zealand, possible the best example of a Government taking decisive and positive action against COVID 19 and it is no surprise that the leader of this Nation is none other than Jacinda Ardern. If every country had a Prime Minister like Ardern the world would run out of problems. New Zealand tool swift action and implemented strict lock-downs while caring for the most vulnerable and needy. New Zealand is in the 12th round against COVID 19 and are looking stronger than ever.

So there is a common pattern here. All three countries clearly have great Governments along with highly competent leaders. These governments have not ignored the virus. They have not fudged the figures or keep their people in the dark. The have not been indecisive and have acknowledged that while boarders will need to be locked-down and while internal lock-downs are a necessity, the most vulnerable will need to be provided for. They have understood that this crisis is pathological and economical. Above all they did not focus on looking good and pretending to fight this pandemic with half measures and gimmicks, they took real action.

A Robot in an Indonesian hospital fighting COVID 19 Yes money well Spent
Robot in Hospital fighting COVID19, Yes money well spent!!


Maybe spend money on the protective clothing and not the drone, robot or truck.........maybe just maybe

The country of Singapore have the highest IQ in the world. Australia and New Zealand hare right up there. People elect Governments and smart, educated well informed people elect competent leaders and good governments. The people of these three countries have chosen well and it has paid off in a time of crisis. The people of these nations don’t cling to superstitious archaic beliefs, they refuse to accept governments will be inherently corrupt, they don’t believe some divine supernatural entity will miraculously intervene and protect them from this virus. Highly functional Governments are elected by a smart analytical people. Corrupt and inept Governments are elected by ignorant poorly educated masses. Well done to the people of Singapore, Australia and New Zealand Government you have got the Government you deserve!!!

A Truck Disinecting the streets and gutters, maybe they can kill COVID 19 and the nasty mosquitos at the same time. In-genius

How is their neighbour Indonesia coping with this pandemic. Well I told you I will give credit where credit is due and I told you I would not criticise a Government or any politician so I have absolutely NO COMMENT. Remember, you will get the Government you deserve.

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