Five important steps we take when working on a client’s SEO

Every time we work on a client’s website to improve their search rankings we treat their business with utmost respect as the work we perform is critical in driving relevant search traffic to our clients site and making their overall business a success. Each client we have requires the below key steps to ensure their site is a success online.

Step One Audit and Goal Setting

We need to have a very clear understanding of what our client is trying to achieve, how they are currently tracking against their goal and assessing if the goal is realistic, profitable and how competitive the targeted key words are. We need to audit and analyses the site, the overall theme of the website, the look, content and structure of the website and assess if the client is focusing on the correct key words adding/recommending other key words where appropriate. This step is very important as everything we do beyond this has a purpose, to get us closer to achieving the goals set at this stage.

Step Two: On site SEO

The structure of the pages selected to be ranked need to, above all have great content. Our clients website must be of high quality and appeal to browsers. The back end coding and page structure must be SEO optimized and in accordance with googles guidelines. This is step one, in letting the search engine know what the overall them of the site is about, what particular pages are focused on. This process must be done with precision.

Step Three: Site Crawl ability

This is technical, more so technical than even On Site SEO. If involves creating and submitting both XML and HTML site maps. It involves submitting your site to googles search engine and requesting google crawl the whole site and specific pages important pages. It involves nominating a preferred version of a websites domain and redirecting the non-preferred domains pages to the preferred domain. It involves optimizing the speed of a website for faster load times and ensuring things are tweaked at a technical level.

Step Four: Creating at sharing content

This is so important for SEO today. Websites need to be living, they need to be authorities in their given industry and to do this they need to constantly create appealing meaningful content that is 100% original and unique. This content cannot just be shared on the sites blog but must be shared socially to create trust and credibility and to reach interested browsers on social platforms and drive them back to your website and interact with your site.

Step Five: Proper Link Building

This is definitely the last thing we focus on but it is extremely important and must be done correctly. Poor link building will harm your site but to do link building properly takes a huge amount of time. The focus is on building natural links that are quality meaning they are coming from sites with a high page rank, domain authority and page authority. It’s all about quality not quantity and carefully following Googles guidelines on link building.

We do the above for every single client, it is an SEO process that works and is done with quality and passion. Your success is our success.

Rod Sinclair
Digital Marketing Expert