Every week we get a dozen or so emails from guess who, other SEO providers trying to sell us their business services. We mostly ignore these services but sometimes we actually bother to investigate what they actually can provide and shudder in terror. They are not very good at what they claim to be experts at and it’s time we gave you a few pointers to identify these businesses so you can stay well clear of them.

Sending you Spam Emails.

An SEO or Digital Marketing business is meant to be an expert at promoting a business online. If they need to resort to sending you spam emails then they have already failed. A business should only ever send you an email if they want to buy the product/service you are selling, they should definitely not contact you via email trying to sell their product/service. This practice is known as spam and is intrusive and unprofessional. It is a clear sign that they cannot market their business professionally and lack both the skill and budget to do so. Simply it’s embarrassing for any business to resort to spam emails in a hope to gain business. Now it gets worse. When a digital marketing business employs this method to promote their business they clearly are useless at promoting their own business, they have zero change in providing you with a quality professional service.

Repeated Spam Emails

Yes, it does not just end with one single spam email we have noticed a disturbing trend. The same email, exactly the same content from say three of four people. These emails always arrive on exactly the same day. Basically not only are they spamming you which is bad enough but they are doing it with multiple attempts. Why?? The thinking is simple, if we try once we may fail but if we try three or four times then we are more likely to succeed. Wow what an ingenious marketing strategy!!! Basically this is another form of cold calling which leads us to our next point.

SEO companies that cold call.

This is a dead method of marketing and definitely one that should not be embraced by a provider specializing in Digital Marketing/SEO. Any call from an SEO provider trying to promote their service expressing how great they are and how they can help you is simply not reality. They cannot even market their own business properly. Chances are the person on the phone does not even work for the SEO Company but has been paid money to cold call potential clients from a list.

Using your Marketing Budget to waste your time.

We have notice something that frustrates us a great deal. Every time we ourselves run paid ad campaigns to promote our service via Google Adwords and Bing Ads we get even more spam emails. Why?? What is going on??? These spam poor quality SEO Companies are noticing we are advertising, they are clicking on our Ads, thus charging us money so they can send us their spam email. Chances are they will do this more than once from a different computer in their office with a different IP address so not only are we being charged for these clowns clicking on our ad we are probably going to get charged more than once. When you are paying anywhere from $2 – $12 per click this can be very frustrating. Google and Bing are excellent at working out if the same person is repeatedly clicking on your Ad and will not charge you but if this is done from a different computers with a different IP addresses then not even they will notice this fowl action and simply you will pay for their crap marketing strategy. I don’t know why but 90% of these poor quality SEO Companies are located in India which does not say a great deal about Indian SEO, best stay clear from them as well. Professional Digital Marketing and Affordable SEO is within your reach. Chances are you will come to our website via paid ads, organic search results, word of mouth or via social interaction. Be assured we will never resort to cold calling and spam emails.

Author: Rod Sinclair
Digital Marketing Expert