So You Want To Give Your SEO a Boost for the New Financial Year

Every website has highs and lows, maybe you want some more pace.
Well, as far as Google is concerned that is not enough. In order to satisfy Google and maintain or improve your rankings, you need to have good UX Design – commonly known as user experience. Google places a strong focus on UX, as Google is concerned about people having an excellent user experience on a website, it sends a message to Google saying this website has great and interesting content.

Issues like slow website pages that take ages to load or your content isn’t relevant causes people to have a poor user experience. This means they will leave your site and search for another more relevant site. This is very serious in the eyes of the all mighty Google − It is imperative you get this right in order to rank well in Google. So you’re looking to increase your SEO for the new financial year, here are the 3 most vital things you should be working on.

Page Speed
We’ve been lecturing everyone regarding page speed on our news area for a while now, and that’s because it is absolutely critical. Surfing the web with a mobile device has become the norm, and when someone is on their mobile, the last thing they want is a website which is slow to load. One possible remedy to this is to create an on-point mobile experience for your site with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). AMPs will ensure your mobile web experience is swift and engaging. If your page load times are slow look into AMPs to assist here.

Local SEO
Local SEO is the essential when it comes to ranking in Google for small to medium businesses in Bali. While broader search terms in your industry can be difficult to rank for, finding other Local options for the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) should help. May we introduce “Local Pack”? The essence of Local Pack is that if your business is set up for a local Google search, it will have a much greater chance of ranking high. So while you might only be a small company, you can still rank on page one Google in the Local Pack.

Featured Snippets
Many moons ago, all businesses were trying to rank #1 on Google. All things inevitably change and with the appearance of Featured Snippets things changed. Be better than position #1 be at position #0

Featured Snippets create all the visibility you require to acquire more traffic. A Featured Snippet is a box that exists at the top of a Google search results which has content taken from a website with a link to that site underneath. Sounds great so how does one get a Featured Snippet? You need to provide high-quality answers to your customer’s questions within your content. The easiest way of ranking well is to answer the key questions that your customers are typing into Google when they search for your product or service. In Google's eye this is how you build Authority.

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Rod Day - Digital Marketing Expert