Its 2019 Do You Really Need A Website?

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In 2014 I kept tellong all businesses that it was super important to get a website. I was not alone, all the leading SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies in Europe North America and in Singaore and Australia were all giving such advise. By 2015 and 2016 I was telling Clients if they did not have a website they did not have a business. Well Digital Marketing is a very rapidly changing industry and what is best practise today is the opposite a few years later.

Most small business owners I meet with no longer need a website. I will say that again in 2019 most of my smaller Clients don’t need a website.

I will elaborate with two examples. A good friends of mine gave up a career as a Food Technologist to persue a dream of being a DJ and Wedding Entertainer. His DJ name is Micky G and he left his boring job paying 70k a year and for the last 15 years has been making $3000 – $4000 per week doing what he loves and he has never had a website. Micky’s understanding of Marketing is so basic he does not even have a Facebook Business Page, he simply uses his Personal Facebook Page to market his business and it is extremely successful. Micky G has tens of thousands for followers that he has built up over 15 years and every performance is recorded then posted on Facebook with hundreds of likes and comments. Free and simple Marketing that works.

I have another friend who lives in Bali and well lets just say married a very popular girl from Sumatra named Rosmita. He approached me seeking my advice saying his wife wanted to set up a Salon in Bali with his money named Rosmita Salon and asked for my Marketing Expertise. I told him to set up a Facebook and Instagram page and encourage his wife to tell all of her thousands of lady friends and x boyfriends/clients to like the posts. Her friends being ladies of the night visit get dolled up photos and videos are posted and they have thousands of social followers and dozens of customes comimg in on a daily basis. The business is a success and has no website even better she no longer needs to work the night behind his back.

Now if your business is not selling something shiny, nothing visual then you might well still need a website. Accounting packages, Legal Services and CRM software will not do too well on Instagram but the majority of businesses, the ones selling sun glasses simply don’t need a website. Social Media is the dominate force in Marketing your business not your website and most definately not Google.

Rod Day


Digital Marketing Expert

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