So What can young people starting out in the workforce do to gain Employment during COVID 19?

Many younger people are feeling pressure to look for work during this pandemic. Many are getting restless and want to eagerly get into the workforce and start earning money. Despite the chaos and madness of this global catastrophic many news channels are given advise and encouragement to younger people on how they can go about seeking employment. Below is what you need to do

Do Nothings. Absolutely nothing. The world right now is in absolute chaos, people are dying, people are infecting others who in tern will infect more people. The world as not seen such a brutal pandemic in 100 years during the Spanish Influenza Pandemic which resulted in 50 million deaths.

Ask yourself a question? Would you go out in a storm, would you walk down the street in the poring rain without an umbrella. Well right now there is a level 5 cyclone. It does not get any worse. So stay inside and sit tight. Ride it out for a few more months.

So many people have lost their jobs, the level of competition is at an all time high. So for once in your life your can lounge on the couch and yes do nothing.

Truth be told we all get bored of doing nothing after a short time. Do what most people do online, watch porn and play games. That's right I said it. A great way to blow off steam and maybe just maybe for one or two hours a day do a udemy course or something. Educate yourself in a particular area. One or two hours a day over a month, over a few months can really transform your skills in a given area.

The world right now is in turmoil. Now is a time to be introspective an build yourself up and at the same time burn off some steam. It is a time to stay indoors and hey also on a daily basis workout indoors. We actually don't need the gym, skipping, push-ups sit-ups, star-jumps can do wonders on the human body. Regarding looking for a job however, now is not the time so if a family member of friend is telling your to get up off your behind and look for work you know know what to tell them.