Are some counties deliberataely under reporting COVID 19? Yes Absolutely

So we all know there is a global pandemic called COVID 19 that has spread across the globe and has both infected and killed many people.In fact the It is now late June and the global number of infections is just under 10 million with just under 500000 deaths.

These numbers are alarming but one of the most important ways to control this virus and understand the risk is to keep count of two very important numbers. How many people in a given country or area are contracting the virus and how many are dying. Without this vital information pretty much everything is unknown.

Well Governments and countries around the world will argue they cannot test everyone or lack the resources to test everyone. This may be true but some Governments are deliberately under reporting or deliberately not providing enough testing. The question has to be asked, why?

Some countries that rely heavily on tourism are deliberately fudging the figures. Countries like Vietnam went into lock-down for one week and magically it was all over and everything was better. Countries like Thailand have reported no new cases for over 30 days. In Vietnam it is even better, no new cases in 66 days and no deaths from COVID 19. Wow amazing. No, just under-reporting. They are only interested in one thing. Tourists returning and that means money.

What about their nearby neighbours, how is Indonesia doing, what about Bali? There is massive under-reporting so one has to question how reliable the official data is but many similarities are shared to countries like India and Brazil so the actual numbers could be similar to these two countries which have been hardest hit by this pandemic.

Vietnam and Thailand blatantly Lying about thier COVID 19 Success to get Tourists Back and they are not alone..