Why Is It Important To Be On The 1st Page Google?

SEO is one of the most cost effective and proven methods, which is utilized by businesses as a Digital Marketing system. A website is defined as search engine optimized once the search results of a business ranks on the first page of a Google search result. A first page Google ranking brings various benefits to the businesses or companies that utilize SEO. Benefits which can be obtained from a first page ranking are expanded on below.

1. Increased Business Opportunities: Solid SEO creates many opportunities for a business after it obtains first ranking on the page. The main this is a massive improvement in visibility, businesses that are at the top of the first page allow for an excellent opportunity for growth due to increased exposure. People searching for a topic or phrase will look at listed on the first page and will being on the first page will mean people see your website. Once a first page ranking is achieved it also must be maintained otherwise it may drop down to page two, three of further down.

2. More Relevant Traffic To Your Website: Being on the first page Google means there is a much greater increase in traffic to your website. Websites that gain a lot of traffic are good websites, they are websites that make money for a business, they are websites that people soon learn to trust and have a high degree of authenticity.

3. Increased in Trust and Reputation: It is a known fact that customers or visitors have the opinion that, pages which appear on page one are reputed and have level of trust in a given industry. It is a psychological expectation which can provide a business with an added advantage in comparison to their competition. Not only does page does traffic increase but it makes a site authentic and trustable in the eyes of potential consumers.

4. Extremely Cost Effective: A marketer knows all to well the cost of marketing a business/company and SEO proves time and time again to be an extremely cost effective method of Digital Marketing. Many cased studies have been done many times and SEO is one of the best, most proven and most efficient ways to drive targeted traffic to your site.

5. Overall Business Image: Better search engine results enhance the image of a business in front of the eyes of customers. The internet and Google have evolved into a highly competitive market, today for the most it is not easy for a business or company to maintain the top position. Websites able to gain the first page ranking on a website are able to earn a strong credible image from both competitors and customers. Businesses aspiring to attain a page one ranking should consider services of a Quality Web Marketing Provider to help them attain such a ranking, we are confident seobaliwebdesign.com is upto the task.

Conclusion about obtaining a Page one Google Ranking

Viewing the above-mentioned points, it is clear that search engine optimization is an strong tool for every online marketer or company should be engaging in. If you wanting to drive more traffic to your website and gain more business online then happily we are well known for offering best SEO services in the Bali and can assist in getting your website on the first page.

Author: Rod Sinclair – Digital Marketing Expert