Can you market your business without a budget

Many new start ups have no idea how to get traffic to their website or promote their products and services online.  Reality sets in very quickly that to appear on Google Search organically or via paid ads will require a serious budget.  More so in a highly competitive industry with high competition and if you want to make serious money they you are going to have to operate in a competitive online market. 

People often turn to social media as this is currently all the rage.  They will ask their friends and relatives to like or follow their business online but the truth is these people are not your customers, they are not the people who will spend money with your business.  People who like your business on facebook usually not your customers.  So what needs to be done?

Usually you will have to pay someone on a regular basis to promote your business via organic SEO, this can range from several hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how much work needs to be performed each month.  The more competitive usually the more money there is to be made but the more work will need to be performed from an SEO perspective.

Paid ads will also need a serious budget, ranking for competitive key words terms is not cheap, you will need to put aside at least several hundred dollars per month to outrank your competition and drive enough visitors to your site.  This is a very powerful way to get visitors to your site in the early days and if you don’t budget for this your business will never get of the ground.

Then you have social media. Social media sites make money from paid ads, this is the most effective way to attract people to your business and website outside of google.  If you don’t have a budget for this then you will miss out on capturing potential customers.  This requires a serious budget across several platforms where your customers may frequently use.  


So if you had no budget can you achieve all of the above?  Well yes if you are a social influencer or know a social influencer then yes but if this in not the case to consistently attract potential customers across several online mediums a serious budget will most definitely be required.  In fact the number one reason why businesses fail online if because the owners have no idea where they need to marketing their business, how frequently they need to marketing their business and how they should go about marketing their business.  The last point, how they should market their business needs to be expanded on.  If is no good just writing an article, the internet today is full of content.  There is a content overload and if your content is not brilliant it will not attract.  So finally a serious budget needs to also be invested in developing frequent video content that is creative and appealing.  If you can create this content yourself that is great but chances are you will needs an expert.  Luckily you have found us, we can assist you grow your business online but you will need a budget!!!.