Is Google Adwords Garbage?

So This is a very interesting question and we are going to be brutal and too the point. Yes Google Adwords is garbage. It is great for Google but most likely it will cost you alot more money and wont even pay for itself.

Now before I continue I will let you know I have done all the Goolge Adword training and accreditation, I have used Google Adwords hundreds of times for my own businesses and for other clients. I have done paid courses in how to get the most out of Google Adwords Campaigns and have called spoke to and worked with Google Adwords staff who for the most were all very helpful and professional.

The biggest benefit of Google Adwords and it is a massive benefit is that it will get traffic you your website or to a specific page on your website very quickly. This is very powerful as traffic can sometimes equal money in the bank. The second massive benefit is that it targeting visitors based on their demographics and targeting keywords means that the traffic you are receiving is extremely relevant to your business goals. This all sounds amazing wow!!!! Now for the big huge problem.

It is just way too expensive. The cost of gaining traffic in the vast majority of occasions will exceed the revenue the traffic will deliver. In short it will cost you more money to run Google Adwords that it will make your business money. So who is the winner here? Google is the winner and they are winning big. The are making over 85 Billion Dollars a year with Adwords.........that 85 BILLION!!!! Yes Google loves Adwords and will do everything it can to get you to use Adwords and convince you that it is great for your business.

It gets better, if you want more customers and more business it will just encourage you to keep spending more money with Adwords and keep increasing your budget. Now Adwords does have a place. If you have a high value product or service where the retail price is over $1000 then Adwords might actually work for your business because all you need to do it make one sale and it could pay for all those visits sent to you via Adwords but if you have a business selling a product costing $10 or $50 or even $100 then it will most definately end up costing you more money than it is worth. So what should you do?

Firstly stop using Adwords. You wil save money but the objetive is not to save this money it is to use it for other marketing. I would defiantly encourage you to invest in promoting your business and driving traffic to your site via Social Media. Now I hate Social Media, I think it is over-saturated and fake but it will like Adwords send very targeted traffic to your website and is much more cost effective. Money spent on Social Media Advertising will also help grow you Social Media profiles which in turn helps with your branding, word of month and online credibility/authority. Google Adwords does none of this. In fact when you turn off your Google Adwords campaign it is over, the lights go off. Nothing, just emails from Google encouraging you to spend more money.

We would also encourage you to spend money on quality SEO. Again approach this with some caution as a good SEO company will never guarantee results and may never deliver so it could be seen as a "fugazi" smoking mirrors. When we work on a clients SEO we only work on it for 4-5 months, no more and in that time make a genuine and valid attempt to set up their SEO Foundation and then leave them with the knowledge to tweak it themselves. It is a much more honest approach. So our genuine advice would be to stop using Adwords and flush it down the toilet where it belongs. Spend your money long term on SEO but again be careful who you work with and invest heavily in Social Media Marketing. Finally if you don't have a serious budget to market your business online then you are not serious about your business so give up!!!

Rod Day 

SEO Bali Web Design