So What Is Magento and Do You Need It

We always recommend building a website on WordPress and have done so since 2013.In a nutshell is a terrific platform. WordPress is easy to use, quick to modify and edit, have thousands of great designs, tens of thousands of plugins and globally hundreds of thousands of developers who can jump in and fix your site if you require assistance. It is the most popular content management system globally. WordPress is open source, free to use however there are premium themes and plugins and most importantly Google loves WordPress, it's great for marketing and SEO. We believe in practising what we preach, this very website you are looking at is a WordPress site, it's not free it's built on a premium theme which is a world leader.

Now WordPress is great but it does have limitations. Originally set up as a blogging platform it was never designed for e-commerce. Since it is very robust most people would never know this and if you are selling products online WordPress is still our preferred option and can handle 50, 100 even 150 products on your site thanks to great plugins like woo-commerce. When however you try to sell more than 200 products this platform starts to exhibit challenges. It was as said earlier never set up to be an e-commerce platform and once you exceed 200 products you reach the limitation of WordPress. So that is where Magento finds it's use.

Magento shared mane similarities to WordPress being open source, free to use, hundreds of themes and plugins but the purpose of Magento was to be a e-commerce powerhouse. If you need to sell 200 or 12000 products online Magento will handle it. If you need to incorporate fulfilment into your site or have multiple sites all linked together Magento will handle it. It you need to interface with third party accounting software Magento will handle it. Magento in our opinion is most definitely the best platform for building a e-commerice site or site with high traffic. Can a WordPress site handle 1000 employees every Friday all logging in to do their time sheets, no but Magento can.

So is WordPress of Magento right for you, contact us at SEO Bali Web Design and we will provide our expertise.

Author: Dewa Ayu