The first thing we do when working with a client is a strategic plan. We work out the type of business our client has, their competion, their goals both short term and long term and who their customers are and where they are. Not all forms of digital marketing work for certain businesses and some forms of marketing can really help and benefit particular businesses. In Bali many businesses might not perform well will tactics digital methods such as SEO or SEM (Google and Bing Ads) and money on marketing is better spent on social media.

Lets be clear, when I am talking about social media I am specifically referring to two platforms being Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has the largest reach and Instragram is the most visually appealing platform. These platforms have literally made startups online superstars and thus helping them increase their revenue massively. Now when I talk about Facebook and Instagram I will make a confession. I am not a fan of these platforms, in face I am somewhat adverse to them. I find Facebooks intelligence algorithms a bit creepy and highly intrusive. They are gathering personal data on you me and everyone using their platform and selling this information to third parties. It’s intrusive and creepy but I am here to talk about the benefits of using these platforms.

Bali is a tourist powerhouse. People come to Bali to relax, to have fun, to enjoy the sun and sand, to experience the unique culture of the island, to party up or meet up with one of the thousands of Javanese girls wanting to please a foreigner who is willing to part with money or a kuta cowboy. So certain industries/businesses will really benefit from social media marketing, lets explore a few.

Hotels, Villas and Guest houses. This is big business in Bali and social media is the new word of mouth. Targeted paid campaigns promoting villas and hotels will definitely get people talking, know about your business and see favourable reviews. In turn it could really benefit this type of business in Bali.

Restaurants cafes and clubs. Similar to hotels, social media can create awareness and attract thousand of potential customers to this type of business. In fact it is such a powerful form of marketing that if you own such a business and don’t invest in social media it could actually harm your business.

Tour guides and travel related businesses also thrive on social media. People want to have fun in Bali, that might mean sight seeing, rafting, snorkelling or jet skying and again people who have an interest in these activities need these businesses to reach them create interest and quality information and reviews for potential customers. A well managed social media campaign can achieve all this.

Massage businesses and salons do extremely well on social media. Salons are highly visual and broadcasting before and after photos can be very compelling. Tattoo studios an also showcase their work and can really create interest. Massage parlours may offer extra services or features that may be remedial or sensual and can reach potential customers in need of these services. Fitness gyms and personal trainers also can benefit greatly from social media.

Above all the most important this is to have an adequate budget. Our fee for setting up and managing a social media campaign is very reasonable and a rule of thumb is you should look at your revenue target and at an absolute minimum your marketing budget should be 10% of this target. For more information on Digital Marketing and Social Media feel free to contact us if you have $330 per month to spend per month as we work with real businesses who have real targets and budgets.


Dewa Ayu - Director