Why Do Most Online Businesses Fail? They Don’t Have An Adequate Marketing Budget!!!

If someone had to ask me what is the single biggest reason why online businesses fail I would know exactly what the reason would be as I see it occur time and time again. Simply put the number one reason why online businesses fail is lack of an adequate marketing budget to market their product or service online. I guess it is naivety or lack of business experience but many starry eyed clients have the right attitude, are full of hope and possibilities. Most even have the smarts and are experts at what they are trying to deliver but they somehow think that once they build a website people will magically visit their website and become customers.
Having a marketing budget or lack there off is the biggest difference between success and failure. If you have an adequate budget you would be seeking professionals to assist you with your online marketing and would not be forced to look for the cheapest providers, instead you would have the funds to look for the best assistance and choose a provider who would do an excellent job thereby effectively assisting you to promote your online business. You would soon realize that your business will not just appear on page one google for a related key word phrase and will need to invest in quality SEO which takes time and money to first gain a page one rank and secondly more time and money to maintain your page one position.
SEO takes time so you will most likely need to invest in SEM mainly google AdWords or Bing ads. This takes expertise and constant management and you would once again need a professional to assist, if you think you can manage your own SEM campaigns think again. This will also require a budget not just to manage your search engine advertising but to pay Google and Bing to advertise on their networks. This type of advertising is very powerful but expensive.
Then there is content creation and content sharing. If you have a professional marketing agency creating appealing video content they will most certainly charge for this and a budget will need to be allocated. Equally important is for this content to be shared on relevant social media and forums and each platform ideally will require a budget to push the content out to your relevant target audience. This can soon be an expensive exercise.
Finally the more competitive the market you are trying to compete in the harder it is to compete and guess what, the greater the budget you will need. Now if you are thinking of starting a online business save yourself a lot of time money and heartache, if you want to know how much it will cost per month to market your business online, compete and ultimately success then the first thing you should do it complete our questionnaire and have a one hour consultation. It only costs $100 and you will know exactly what you are up against even before you start. So many people try to save money in the wrong areas, the most important thing you can do is get expert advice on setting the right budget and we are the experts. Simply not having an adequate marketing budget will mean your business will fail to thrive. We want you to be a success, make sure you contact us .