Is It Enough Just To Rank Page One Google for Online Success

All I want is for my website JUST to rank page one google. This is a frequent request from most novice clients who have a very poor understanding of Digital Marketing, lets examine why.

Search Engines Have Changed

Lets start with the obvious, everyone JUST wants to rank page one google. Every business wants to be page one for relevant search terms. Reality is most clients think this is easy to achieve, many will want to be at the very first position on page one highlighting to us they have no idea of how search engines work. Ranking on page one is a great place to be but when all of your competitors are also trying to rank page one chances are you either wont rank on page one or wont rank for all the search terms you would like to rank for.

Competition – It’s Not Getting Easier

The internet is becoming more and more competitive and Googles algorithm is smarter than ever so gone are the days of cheap crappy SEO that tries to beat Googles algorithm, now to rank you need to spend time effort and expertise to have a change or ranking page one google.
Now let’s look at competition. The more competitive a search term is, the more websites are trying to rank for that search term. This means the search term is valuable and generates a lot of searches per month and thereby generate more traffic to your site, this also means it will be harder to rank page one. Search terms that have low completion indicate a low volume of searches and this means a lot less potential traffic to your site. If you are thinking of JUST ranking page one for a highly competitive search term this could take well over 8 – 12 months and in some cases may never be achievable.

What’s On Page One? Not Just Your Website

Now let’s take a good look at page one google. There are 10 organic website one page one google. Even if you are on page one you will need to compete with 9 other websites. Chances are on the vast majority of occasions the potential client will click on your competitors site, you have a better chance of gaining traffic if you appear higher on the organic search result but reality is the fact you are on page one is an awesome result in itself. Things start to get worse. Above the organic listings is the local search box, there will be a further 3 sites in this box along with reviews of these businesses, if the box is expanded there could be a further 20 – 30 listings, you need to compete with all these businesses. Even on page one things are highly competitive. Finally there are paid ads. These ads will appear right at the top of page one, taking up two or three places and also along the side of the page.
To rank page one for highly competitive search terms is very hard, not only do you have to constantly prove your site worthy to rank over many months, once you are on page one you need to constantly prove worthy and there is no way to cheat yourself to gain and maintain rankings. Quality consistent work over a sustained period of time and the more competitive the search term the more work and time will be needed.
The simple message we are conveying is if you want to have online success and grow your business via the internet then JUST getting to page one for relevant search terms is not a marketing strategy, it is merely one tactic and will not be enough for success online. What should you do? Simply book in a 1 hour consultation and we will tell you exactly what you will need. We are the Digital Marketing Experts, if you want to succeed you will need our help.