How Often Should You Update Your Blog With Quality Content?

Let’s talk about one of the most important parts of a website being the Blog. Sometimes it is titled News, Updates, Events but it’s all the same, it’s your Blog. Lets’ examine why it is important to regularly update your website’s Blog.

Why is the Blog Important? It showcases your expertise in a given industry niche. Any news, relevant information and discussion points about your business or your industry should be shared in your Blog. The Blog is your way of telling your target audience “your customers” that you are the expert and they should seek you out as a leading authority and expert, hence it is pretty important!!!

How often should you update you Blog? This depends on your level of competition. If you are trying to compete online in a niche that has a relatively low level of competition we would suggest updating your Blog with new post once a month is an absolute minimum. If you are trying to compete in a niche that has a moderate to high level of competition we would recommend once a week as a minimum. Simply put the more competition the more effort is required to complete so the more Blog updates will be required. I stress again, even with very little competition one update a month is an absolute minimum.

SEO and Google Rankings are all about creating and sharing content. Your Blog is where you create content, you share it on Social Media showing your potential customers you are an expert and leading authority in a given niche. Every time you update your Blog with a new post you send a message to Google and other search engines. You are letting them know your website is alive and you are making an effort to show you are a leading authority and an expert. This practice can over time boost your search engine rankings.

In addition to updating your Blog with new articles, these articles are useless if they are not high quality content. I have seen other Digital Marketing and Web Design Agencies in Bali who I compete with update their Blog once a week sometimes twice in a week with articles that are 200 words long. It’s garbage. Google and Bing won’t even consider this type of post, it’s too short. If you are writing an article it needs to be meaningful and educational, 1000 to 2000 words is ideal unless you have a video. Even with a video you will need to write a short article with a minimum of 500 words. This article you are reading is a great example of how to complete a blog post. A short 3 or 4 minute video and 700 or so words of written information.
Content also needs to be original, search engines will slam your site if you copy and paste content from another website and yes they check.

Video content is very powerful, I would say a 3min – 4min video is far more powerful than a 1500 – 2000 word article. Video content has to be done well. Audio that is clear and has been edited and reedited for maximum clarity, background music that is mixed in well so it is not drowning out your voice and creative and interesting slide show with creativity and even branding on the slides or perhaps you can record yourself on camera if you are not camera shy.

To do this properly requires skill and time, it takes a lot of time to write several hundred words and put together a 3-4min video production, even more time to learn how to do all of this. When you put in the time consistently you are rewarded, your rankings will improve. The search engines know you are putting in the time, so do your customers and so do you competitors. You will over time become a leading authority in your market niche. There are no short cuts, it takes time and expertise. If you don’t have the time pay us and we will do it well. A written article $150 and a short video with slider $350.

Finally you need to share your content on social media and relevant leading forums with a budget, simply posting it one social media is not enough. What is the point of creating this great content if it is reaching no one. When you do everything correctly not only will it drive traffic back to your site you may even get a new customer.

Author: Rod Day
Digital Marketing Expert