Tourist Destinations like Vitamin and Thailand blatantly lying about COVID 19, are they the only ones lying??

Governments have an agenda and that agenda is usually to stay in power. That means fooling the masses and looking after the rich and powerful. That is a very typical model of governments around the world. The more ignorant, the less informed, the less analytical a population is the easier for a government to fool them and hide their incompetence and corruption.

The Governments of Thailand and Vietnam have a very clear agenda. It is to make money and they make a huge amount of their money from tourism. Tourism has been smashed by this Chinese pandemic and countries like Thailand and Vietnam which rely heavily on tourist money have been financially hurt badly. So what will they do. They will paint a picture, a picture of success and triumph. Telling the truth is not important, they need to show their population how great they are and show that they are competent and a great success. They simply need to show face. It is of course a total lie but in a country where the vast majority of people are ignorant, poorly informed, deeply religious and not at all analytical these

Governments can pretty much say anything and be unchallenged. So the outcome in Thailand and Vietnam is that COVID 19 figures are very low. They preach... "we are doing a lot of testing to keep this pandemic in check. Look no cases for 30 days, 60 days. It’s very safe here and remember when you book your next holiday make sure you visit us." Again this story is a total fabrication, the governments of these countries are really saying the following….. “We want to make money, we have an elite class of rich and powerful people who we serve and we need to stay in power and continue to make them money. We are prepared to sacrifice millions of our people to do so and will risk your health as well to make money so visit our country and spend your money here. It’s not really safe but we want your money.” That is what they are really saying. They are not the only ones doing this.

Their much larger neighbour with 270 million people thrive on conditions where the vast majority of people are deeply religious, narrow minded, gullible and will swallow whatever their government preaches with loyalty and obedience. They are most likely leading the world in fudging the COVID 19 figures and will continue to do so until this pandemic is no longer a pandemic. The harsh reality is tourism is completely smashed until this Chinese Virus is no longer a threat and that means until there is a vaccine which is still many months away.

So I would love you to visit Bali but unfortunately it’s exactly the same as Thailand and Vietnam, no wait, it is probably worse. The virus in Bali and Indonesia is massively under reported, scientists stated it have exceeded one million cases at the beginning of August, it is now near mid September. I would not be surprised if Indonesia had cases that were comparable to Brazil or India. So we would love you to visit Bali and relax and enjoy a relaxing holiday but it will not be safe for many months to come.

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