Let’s take a look at quality On Page SEO

On page SEO is the technique or practice to optimize the website or individual page using one or several relevan keywords, the optimization will be done internally on your own website. By doing on page SEO the website will tell the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) what the webpage is about and when people look for the website by type in the relevan keywords, it will have an optimal chance of appearing on search engine, and preferably the webpage will rank on the 1st page of search engine. Relevancy and quality are very important to a website/webpage to get ranked and to get more traffic on a search engine, it could take months for a webpage to rank as it’s not an instant process. To get ranked on first page of search engine (SERP : search engine rank position) it’s very important to optimize on page SEO for below categories: 1. Keyword phrase : It’s the most important factor to have before building the website. Keyword research is very essential to find out what topic the users would search the most on search engine, to get to know the keywords competition on search engine and prioritize the primary or secondary keyword phrase. The potential keywords would obtain more traffic to the website. As a general rule when you do on page seo for a particular page you would have one primary keyword phrase and one secondary keyword phrase. You could have two secondary keyword phrases but any more could confuse the search engine with regard to what the actual page content is about. 2. URL : to get more users to visit the website, the URL should be include the keyword,clear, easy to read and easy to understand for visitors, as the URL will be seen first before visitor clicking on the website. 3. Content : it’s what appear on the webpage, the information we provide on the webpage for visitors and relevant information provided for the visitors in order to get traffic. Google algorithm will crawl for a high quality content. The relevancy of keyword and content would give major impact for on page SEO. Google willl chek to ensure the content is genuine. Plagiarism will lead to penalty from Google and Google may penalize you by reducing your SERP or completely takingn your website from their search engine. 4. H1 and H2 – H6 Headings: H1 tag has a major role for on page SEO. It’s necessary you have only one H1 heading and to place a keyword on H1 tag. More than one H1 tag will appear un natural. Having the H2 – H6 headings would make it easier for users to get the relevant points they require, it also would help the search engine to understand the structure of the page and to crawl your content and let the search engines knows what the content is about. 5. Body : As a good guide of on page optimization, the focused keyword phrase or words within the keyword phrase should be ideally place on the 1st paragraph or within 100 – 150 words of content. It requires to be mentioned minimum 3 times on the whole paragraph to meet the keyword density of on page SEO where the page consists of 500 – 600 words of content. Important! Don’t over do it as it will appear unnatural. 6. Title Tag : placing words in the keyword phrase in the title of the page. It doesn’t need to exatly match the keyword phrase in the title as Google algorithm is highly intelligent and understand what you are trying to achieve. 7. Meta Description : With a limited number of characters to write, the sentence need to be attractive to transmitting a relevant message to visitors. A Meta description could potentially be the second thought for the users when they see the search engine webpage and read your description. It simply helps. 8. Alt Image Description and linking the page to another page in the website. These are also important for on page SEO. It provides Google with a further understanding regarding what the page content is about. On page SEO is not rocket science, but it is somewhat of both an art and science. It is simply sending a clear message to the search engine regarding what a given page is about so it has a good change of being ranked high in SERP. If you need our assistance regarding quality on page SEO contact us.