Why it’s important to write content regularly

Following on from last month article about content, let's continue with this important topic.  When you have a website or blog, it’s extremely important to have the website or blog update regularly to build a strong and good quality website. Content that has been optimized will get  higher rankings on search engines. A search engine like Google regularly indexed the newest content, save it on their database and it will be more likely to show up on the search bar when someone look for it.

When it comes to write a content, a content writer can’t make duplicate content from the articles that already exist or copy and paste someone’s else content. High-quality content should have few criteria mentioned below :

  • The content is original, plagiarism is not tolerated by Google, Bing etc and will harm the ranking of your website

  • The content writer has responsibility for what they write, it’s important to give the correct information and not misleading the reader. Research is recommended before writing a content.  Please no more fake news.

  • The content should be easy to understand, people will read your  content and spend more time on the website.  You don't need to write for rocket scientists.  

  • A content of a good standard is advantageous  for readers and easily understood.  It does not have to be War and Peace, sometimes short and simple is best.

  • Good quality content is shareable through social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Some other important reasons why the content need to be updated regularly, as follows :

  • More visitor and traffic to the website

With more content updated regularly, visitor will find the information they need and it will instantly gain more traffic to the website not to mention trust and credibility.  Yes!!!

  • Website/business get recognition

When the traffic increases, it’s build the awareness to your potential audience that your business exists and is a leading authority, an industry expert.  This can actually gain you customers, more sales and that means more money!!!

  • High ranking on search engine

More content of high quality can boost your organic rankings. It may help place your website on 1st page of the search engine.  Awesome!!!

  • Getting the backlink

High quality content would also help to obtain natural backlinks to your website. Many other websites will recommend your content by including the link source, and it will take potential customers and more traffic back to your website.  Natural backlinks!!! 

  • Indexing faster

By updating the content regularly, Google will crawl more often. Publishing new content can help to index on Google faster.

  • Increasing SEO ranking

One of the key with SEO technique is to update content regularly with high-quality content. The more new content you have, means will assist SEO not to mention internal linking and backlinking in between the content.  It also keeps readers engaged more which is a very powerful metrics to help boost your rankings.

  • Increasing conversion and sales.  Yes more money!!!

When your website regularly updating the content and produces high-quality content, your potential customer could view your business as credible and professional. It will gain trust from the customer with is an important step to gaining more customers.

To get ranked on a search engine is not an instant process. It could take 6 months or more. The content written has to be in high quality, relevant and useful in order to get more traffic and boost the ranking on search engine.

So you know who to contact if you need articles written on your website on a regular basis.