Conten creation is extremely important and powerful. Why ? because google would love to see if the content is creating on the website and to check how many people engaging on the website. When the crawler (known as bot or spider) crawling to a content, it will find the newest content and identify the link into a URL list to crawl. This is very important for SEO strategy when the search engine find a good quality and quantity content in a page.

Creating a good quality content is very essential for a website. It would aid you to get lead, targetted clients and brand awareness. When people read the content, it will build the impression or develop the perception toward the business, brand, or service. Benefits by having high quallity content for your business or Online marketing :

 Brand Awareness
 Gain the audiens attention
 Getting Lead
 Increasing traffic to a website
 Increasing engagement with customer
 Develop and maintain relation with customer
 Optimizing high quality content to boost your SEO

A content needs to be written with a purpose and meaning, and original. Google will check if the content is genuine. Google may penalize you for plagiarism content, by reducing your SERP or completely taking your website from their search engine. Creating an original and distinctive content would be a great way for you to make your content being recognized by the audience. Having a unique and distintive content would preventing someone else copying the content.

 Content creation is time consuming, it takes time to create. To save people’s time who’s own the business we provide the service where we create an original writen content.
The Pricing as follows :

5 article USD 375

10 article USD 650

Each article typically 500 -600 words in length. To write one article will require research for 2 hours, 2 hours to write the content, 1 hour to prove
read and edit the content. High quality content shall have the standard as follows :

 The content is easy to find In your website : If the visitor is visiting your website, they should be able to find the newest and the best content on your site. Out of your website : which means the search through the search engine. People who doesn’t know your website should be able to find it by type in the keyword on search engine.

 The content is shareable
When people see a high quality content, they want to share it with others via social media, or at least on their facebook. It’s important to make the content easy to share via social media platforms.

 High quality content is readable (easy to read)
Readability is extremely important for the text. Great design and good content is included.
From the design perspective, high quality content won’t hurt your eyes when you read/see it.

That’s why is extremely essential to put your attention while creating a content, in regards
to the font size, the text color and background colour, margin, etc in order to make the
content readable.
 High quality content is memorable
High quality content is not only to entertain you for 2 minutes, then it’s gone. It will always be remembered, re visit, and recommended to others. To create high quality content is not
easy, but it would be easy if you have your passion in it. What is interesting about it, a content is timeless. You can write the content today and after few years the content still can be viewed and be shared. It would lead more traffic to the website.