Some decades ago back in the 1960s existed a tribe of people called hippies. Hippies believed in free love, care free living, being in touch with nature, peace and harmony as well as being very anti establishment and big business. Most of all hippies would take a bath once a week or less. Yes they were a pretty grotty bunch who with share each others boyfriend or girlfriend and not wash for days.

Today hippies still exist, they are in abundance but they are not called hippies any more. They have a new brand, Digital Nomads. These people exist in Bali and one of their main places of dwelling is Canggu. They can be seen loafing around, surviving on a budget of $10 per day living in some run down khosan wearing the same clothes for the better half of an entire month and yes their idea of bathing is a dip in the ocean or local beach every so often. Off course they are vegan, meat is very expensive but they will tell you it’s cruel to eat meat until they get a free meal at a steakhouse and well they don’t believe in working for a Company of having any real responsibility. Life is great in Bali on $10 a day yet even better if they can hook up or scrounge of a richer friend.

Now this is a realistic picture of these people and how they live, they are hippies but that term in 2020 just wont do. That is a term their grandparents went by, they need to show the world they are extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about the internet, marketing, computers and will pretend to be real geeks because that makes them feel really important and pays for their next meal.

What are their qualifications, did they goto University and study Computer Science, perhaps a Commerce Degree related to Digital Marketing, Did they even finish High School, it’s all really a mystery. Take a good look at their age, how old are they? Chances are if they are very young they many have not even held a job in a Company and here they are claiming to be experts who are going to assist your business with it’s online challenges. Alarm bells should be ringing.

So would you trust one of these Digital Nomads with your online marketing. The answer is very clear and is stranding out “No:. Their first priority is to do what ever it takes to put food in their mouth and spend the rest of the day at the beach chasing girls, guys or waves. The whole Digital Marketing thing is for them a means to get paid and stroke their own ego, convince themselves they are very intelligent and can succeed in something mainstream, off course that is without the pressure of having a boss or getting up in the morning and going to the office.

These people are literally here today and in Katmandu tomorrow. Chances are they are inexperienced and unqualified to take a good bath let along get involved with your online marketing.

So who is qualified? Occasionally I get a contract Position in Melbourne Sydney or Singapore. The last assignment I had was in Melbourne for 2 months, I got paid very well and assisted one of the biggest Digital Agencies in Melbourne and they employed over 200 staff. After one month working there I asked myself a question. Who in this business out of all these experts, IT Developers, Web Developers SEO Specialists, Adwords Partners, Content writers, Creative Developers, Business Analysts and Sales staff had the best overall understanding of Digital Marketing. I could answer that question with ease and it came down to two people. Myself and the owner of the Company who is a good friend of mine. That is what being qualified means. You are an expert among experts.