A frightening comparison between the USA and Indonesia’s response to COVID 19

So It’s approaching mid November. The official numbers of COVID 19 in the USA are # cases and # deaths. In Indonesia the official cases area # and the deaths from COVID 19 are #. The USA has a population of 300 million and Indonesia has a similar population of 270 million. These numbers just don’t seem to add up. Something is very wrong. Lets compare how the two nations have managed this pandemic. Starting early Jan 2020 President Trump makes a bold decision, to ban anyone flying to the USA from China or who has recently visited China. This single action saved a great many lives. At the onset of this pandemic the USA seemed to take this pathological threat very seriously. In contracts Indonesia allowed direct flights to continue from China and even Wuhan and did not take action to ban flights till mid Feb 2020, approximately five weeks later. March and no COVID 19 cases in Indonesia, neighbours like Singapore Australia and Thailand were all warning Indonesia to increase testing as they all had reported cases. The Indonesian Minister of Health was boasting they were just too effective at detecting the virus, Indonesia was in some way immune to the virus and God will protect Indonesia from this pandemic. It was only when people from Japan returned home from Indonesia that the first report of COVID 19 was confirmed. Indonesia did not take this threat at all seriously till mid March. Both the USA and Indonesia had no national response to combat this virus. Instead they allowed regional governors to adapt their own strategies to control the pandemic. In the USA some area had brutal lock downs that lasted many weeks. No such lock downs occurred across Indonesia. There were some specific areas in Jakarta and Surabaya that would be locked down for a short period of time but for the vast majority of the nation lock downs were considered unthinkable. Then comes social distancing. Both countries encouraged people to socially distance and wear masks. But what does this really mean? It means that most people are not wearing masks and socially distancing, on a wide scale people were and are visiting friends and family. In the USA churches from most of the time were still open. In Indonesia for most of the time Mosques were still open. People in both countries in public areas at times can be seen wearing masks and at times are not wearing masks. The situation for both countries here is a total mess. The Trump administration has been heavily criticised on a daily bases and there is an out roar regarding how this pandemic has been managed. In Indonesia there has been some but little criticism, definitely not as vocal. The vast majority of people in Indonesia appear blind to the response of the government. It just seems inconvenient that there is less money and people have to wear a mask in public. The health system in the USA is below most western nations but is considerably much better than the Indonesian health system which ranks the lowest in South East Asia so if someone is seriously sick with COVID 19 in the USA, you would expect them to have a better chance of survival. The biggest single difference between the USA and Indonesia is the US has done a much better job at reporting the cases and deaths relating from this pandemic including contact tracing. The US response is considerably much more transparent. Scientists has for many months now questioned Indonesians official figures and it seems as if they have deliberately been under reporting this pandemic. Both presidents have admired they have withheld information from the public so to not cause a panic. I do not have the data but it would be interesting to compare the deaths in Indonesia from March – Nov 2020 to 2019 and 2018. What I suspect is you will see a massive increase in deaths somewhere between 200000 – 300000 in 2020 from natural causes like heart and lung related illnesses. I would further speculate that these illnesses would have occurred from COVID 19 complications but if the government is deliberately trying to suppress this data and under report then it could be many years for the truth to unravel. Bases on the above, I would not be surprised if COVID 19 in Indonesia was as bad if not worse than the USA   Next month we will be talking about SEO and how to improve SEO once your on page SEO is completed.