Important tasks after onsite SEO is completed

Once the website has been done and SEO is completed, the duty is not finished yet. There are important tasks to go through in order to rank the website  and to increase the on page SEO.

  • SSL Certification/TLS. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) – previous version but nowdays it’s known as TLS (Transport layer security) it’s the upgrade version of SSL, it is extremely important to have when you build a website. It’s data file that automatically encripted the website to secure data transmission through the internet network. The website with SSL/TLS installed will come up with url https instead of http.

The advantages of using SSL/TLS:

  1. SSL/TLS encripts sensitive information, to prevent the data from being stolen. Date encription is extremely important when it’s related to account, password, address, credit card, and many other important personal information.
  2. SSL/TSL providing authentication. This will ensure the personal data or information is sent to a correct server, not  a hacker or unauthorised parties.
  3. SSL/TSL build the trust and confidence for the website users. A website with SSL certification has notification, it’s the lock icon on url bar.
  4. Increasing website ranking on leading search engines. In 2014 Google has announced and applied an algorithm that will optimizing/crawl the website with SSL/TSL (https).
  5. PCI (payment card industry) required SSL/TSL certification for a website that has credit card transaction.
  • Select a preferred version of your website. If you’re using WordPress tell WordPress you preffered version of your website in the settings area.
  • Set up Google Console/Webmaster Account. This SEO tools is basically a tool to evaluate the website performance and how it interacts with the search engine. It will help you to tell Google your website page, monitoring the crawling or index errors on the website. Google console would help you to optimize the website ranking on search engine too. If you dont have a gmail account, create one first or if you already have it, you can log in using google console. Add your website url to Google console and verify it. Create xml sitemap and robot txt file, upload this panel to c panel and google console. Create html sitemap wordpress plug in,add html and xml sitemap to footer menu. Request Google webmaster to index all the relevant pages.
  • Set up Google analytic. Google analytic is a platform provided by google to oversee website performance. By using Google analytics, the website owner would be able to evaluating their website performance based on reports provided (Real time visitor, audience report, visitor behaviour, acquisition and conversion). These tools will show you the interaction between the website and the visitors and provide you with important report such as website traffic, which pages have the most viewers, website loading speed,visitor activity on the site (download, watching video, etc), how visitors view the page. It is extremely important to oversee the website perfomance in order to maintain the traffic.
  • Install WordPress Cache plug in. This tool would help to improve the speed and website performance significanly, make the website lighter, ensuring the website and content can be accessed swiftly, optimizing the search engine speed.
  • Set up Bing Webmaster. Basically Bing has the same role as google webmaster, and  is the second biggest search engine after google/youtube. Bing webmaster is user friendly and very suitable for beginner. Create a Bing account, and add your url after logging in. Input the information of your website and URL sitemap website. After submitting the website name then verify it using one of the option : XML file verification, Meta tag verification or DNS verfication. Request Bing webmaster to index the relevan pages.  Bing and Yahoo are also partners.      
  • Request to Google console to crawl new content  and include a list of ping service on wordpress in the settings area. By having ping services we tell the search engine that everytime we create new content on the website the search engine (Google or Bing) will find and index the page faster, including the newest content.

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