How to quickly spot people who will waste your time

OK we all want to make money online and we all value our time but when you have an online business like any other business you will encounter people who will simply waste your time. No one wants their time and energy drained so I have three simple ways to detect a client who will just waste your time. I have worked in Sales and Business Development at a senior level in some of Australia's largest Corporate Companies so if anyone can spot a time waster I can.

They will want the cheapest price

If you were shopping for a car would you want the cheapest car on the market? No because you value quality. When someone asks you for the cheapest price they don't value your service. It's actually an insult, if they cannot afford your service then "Adios". You have set your price, you know the work involved and the time it has taken to learn the skills to provide a service so never let a client dictate the price to you.

They wont respond the a quote

I know when I deal with a serious client they are hounding me for a quote and an invoice, they want things to get moving, they want things to start straight away and step one is reviewing a quote and paying an invoice. To create a quote takes a good 30 - 40 minutes, you are providing an agreed service with pricing. You don't want to make a mistake here. To send out an invoice takes another 10 minutes. This is 40 -50 minutes of your day, you need to do this to gain new business. When I send out a quote, if the client does not respond in 24 hours I will follow up one last time 4 - 5 days later. That is it, two follow ups at a maximum. I will not waste any more time following up a third time. If they are serious they will either pay the invoice or have a good question regarding the offer. People who don't respond to quotes in a timely manner are time wasters.

People who Procrastinate

They are people who will thank you for the quote and tell you they will think about it or take up your offer in one or two months. They wont and the reason why is because they don't have the money or don't really value your service. You have to watch these people, they might ask lots of questions and want your advice but not want to pay for it. You charge of your time and your expertise, if someone it not paying the invoice let them know their questions will be answered once work is performed on their service and they pay their invoice. Don't give away your knowledge for free, unless you believe it is cheap and worthless. Don't chase or waste time with people who procrastinate, the world is full of these people.

So they art of succeeding online and with any business is spending time with the right people and not chasing and wasting time on people who don't have the money of don't recognize the value and urgency. If you are a serious client and need a quality digital marketing solution feel free to contact us and drop us an email but be warned, we will not constantly chase you.


Rod Day - Digital Marketing Expert

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