There are tens of thousands of website designs and templates but we in the business of digital marketing look at the market competativeness to rank a website. For us there are simply three types of websites when it comes to getting ranked page one with the major search engines.

Low Competiton Site

This is a site that is fairly easy to rank for. It will take several hours of work each month for four to five months to rank this site for key words that are faily low competitive.Effort is still needed, a proven process must be followed and expertise to rank within four months is definitely required but exhaustive content creation and link building is not essential. Since a large amount of our clients are in Bali lets use an example of key words that would be fairly easy to rank for……..we had a client with an online massage service, we advised them key words like stone massage bali, cheap massage bali, traditional massage bali, kuta massage, seminyak massage would be fairly easy to rank for. These are low competition but still useful key words.

Sites that are Hard to Rank For

In the world of marketing it moves from fairly easy to straight out hard. A website that needs to be found on page one search that is competitive and means you need to compete with other sites all trying to rank page one. The process to rank page one is longer, it could easily take six to eight months or even longer to obtain a page one ranking. The work involved per month will be four to five times more effort/time than to rank an easy to rank site. Keeping the same example key words like Bali massage, massage in Bali, massage service Bali would be much harder to rank for as there are main more sites trying to rank for these key words. The positive is should you rank page one for these key words you will get alot more traffic to your site and possibly alot more business

The extremely hard/impossible site to rank for

This is the same process as the site that is hard to rank for, the same work but the difference is the effort/time and volume required to obtain a ranking. All the work needs to be quality but possibly hundreds of hours of work needs to be devoted to marketing. Content may need to be created on a daily basis, maybe more than once a day. Content will need to be shared and it will need to be shared over multiple platforms. Campaigns will need to be set up each time content is shared with a budget and the ROI (return on investment) tracked. Simply put you may be spending thousands of dollars to achieve a page one ranking but if you can achieve this ranking then your business will be making millions of dollars in revenue. Keeping the examples again to Bali, ranking for Bali Villas, Bali Real Estate would be extremely hard to rank for. Hundreds of sites are trying to rank for these key words and are prepared to put in extensive time money and resources to do so. If you can get to page one you are likely to have a strong business but to get their and most importantly to maintain your ranking will take alot of time, expertise and money.

Simply look at our associated pricing for these three types of sites and see what your budget is and if it aligns with your goals.