Can Blogging Stack Up To Video Content?

It’s a question that more and more Digital Marketing Experts are asking. Are people still wanting to read. Yes that’s right read. The internet has over the past few years become alot faster, more people are using it on a daily basis.

As technology improves so does our behavior and the way we consume content is changing. Blogging was the norm 5 years ago. People would spend a good 10 – 15 minutes reading an article that was of interest to them. Now they just watch a two or three minute video. It’s much faster and much more powerful. So can blogging compete with video content. The short answer is no but there will always be a minority of people prefer reading blogs that watching video content.

What does this mean for your online business. It means that when you create content it needs to as always be of a high quality. It also means that when you create content it need to have the biggest impact possible. The most about of success and create interest in a topic and what you as a business do. If people aren’t reading your articles any more then it’s a waste of time. Time to change and switch to something more powerful. Video Content. We can help with your Video Content, check out our Digital Marketing Pricing and Services.

Moving forward this will be are last text blog. From this point onward we will be engaging our audience with video content. Stay tuned.