Constantly evolving SEO

The modern day online technologies are developing new standards of search engine optimization. SEO services have become an necessary part of the daily lives of businesses that have an online presence. Many companies are finding it hard to compete, rank and maintain rankings in the online world.

There is strong rivalry and fierce online competition. Thus, there is a great need to make a site rank on top of the first page of a search engine if the company wants to make money Our Digital Marketing Agency focuses on SEO for Businesses in Bali which is important for companies that are looking to compete and lead the pack both today and tomorrow.

• Why is SEO Always Changing?

Search engines like Google Yahoo and Big are aware the number of websites are increasing. This number is building every day. This is added work for search engines with added numbers their resources are always stretched and their service may become slower. To tackle this, Google constantly updates and refines its algorithm. When the algorithm changes it is important this change is reflected in a website’s SEO otherwise they will be discarded and their rankings will drop. This means ongoing work, we are aware of this and we are always learning from leading industry professionals and from Google themselves so our clients are best prepared if there is a change.

• So what are some of the things we check or and always research about SEO?

Bali is a small but competitive place. Each project we work on a Team of professional people are involved. They ensure the below are taken into consideration when working on a sites Digital Marketing:

1. Content: A websites content is very important for SEO, above all the content must be relevant to the reader. A website can be in trouble if the content is not up to standard. The content must incorporate keywords in moderation, you definitely need them but you don’t want to over do it. Keywords help the search engine to identify the website and let the search engine know what the site is about.

2. SEO: this involves many processes but lets keep it simple. Today in 2016 the general trend is limit backlinks and only use them if relevant. It’s more about creating relevant content and sharing it on social media than guest blogging and spammy links are a definite no!!! On site SEO is straight forward, Title, Meta Description, H1, H2 Header Tags, Image Tags, Relevant Permalinks and making use of internal page links. It’s not rocket science but definitely worth paying us $150 per month to set up for you.

Pay per click ads: Google adwords and Bing ads are just as good as quality SEO and in fact for may businesses this may be the preferred marketing method to use. It if set up correctly PPC will drive almost instant relevant traffic to your site. It’s very powerful, again we can set this up for $100 and manage your campaign for $150 per month. If you don’t have a monthly budget for PPC Ads you many be in trouble as SEO does take time

• The social network: Everyone takes about Social Media Marketing but again you need a budget to really make this work. Social Media Marketing is only powerful if you have a large number of followers and to get them chances are you will have to spend money on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest campaigns. If you think you are going to magically get hundreds and thousands of people like and follow your business profiles you are probably dreaming. Content needs to be shared on Social Media and to do it properly costs money. I am communicating a common theme, you need a budget.

• Good looking Site: Having a well presented fast loading site with a functional menu is always a positive and will only help your business compete online.
When it comes to Bali local SEO Company we really know what we are doing and we are really good at our job. The main theme is Digital Marketing costs money and takes time. PPC Ads like Google Adwords/Bing Ads are almost instant but cost money and to set up and manage your PPC ads and SEO takes time and expertise, we are very affordable. Social Media again takes time to grown and earn your trust and credibility and money needs to be invested. So many people start a business with a website not knowing that 80% of a new online businesses resources should be spent on Marketing the site. We at Bali SEO Web Design can help and make your website a success.

Author: Rod Sinclair
Digital Marketing Expert

Local Search Results for Bali Websites

7 Great Local SEO Tips for Bali Businesses From Start Ups to Fully Established

Local SEO is now an important aspect for most businesses. Due to changes in Google search algorithms, giving local search results more importance with mobile searchers and desktop users has increased. The importance of optimizing your business from a local standpoint has become important. As the top web development companies in Bali, we are happy to provide an Insider’s Guide to Local SEO Tips.

There are many local SEO tips available, these are the ones that we consider to be the most important to follow for the numerous businesses where they have been implemented.

Top Ranking from Local SEO Bali

• On-Page Optimization – In order to have optimal on-page optimization, you have to make sure the Title Tag contains your city and state, with your service and location in alt text for images and logo. If the content includes local information and local customer reviews and testimonials, then the same would reflect the location of the person providing the information.

• Mobile Friendly Site – Not having a mobile responsive website is a straight blow to your ranking; website being mobile friendly is a Google ranking factor. Generating more conversions and making more revenue can be done by providing great experience to the current and potential customers via desktop or mobile.

• Request Reviews – Building credibility and trust is not an easy task, but reviews are a powerful support that can take you places. There are a lot of ways to attract customers to leave reviews. All of these review sites will help boosting up your local reputation in search rankings.

• Use Social Media –Social Media can drive business, especially locally. However, remember do you homework and confirm where your customers spend time.

• Take Advantage of Google – Google My Business Page will help you with your local rankings. Take the time to complete your profile and then regularly, keep on updating. Make sure you use the right category for your business and take the time to write descriptive business description. Adding high quality photos is a nice way to enhance your profile along with linking your primary webpage and social media pages. Try and get some reviews because anyone who finds you here will want to see positive feedback from other visitors.

• Voice Friendly Keywords – Due to increase in peoples search using mobile device, the voice search has increased. Voice Search keywords and phrasing needs to be catered in such a manner, that the difference between talking and typing can be matched.

• Customer Service the prime focus – One of the Prime factors for local SEO is providing a positive experience to the visitor from first contact. The customer experience has become more vital because of which other people use information, especially reviews from past clients.

Local SEO Bali is vital for any business that depends on local customers of Bali. Our Insider’s Guide to Local SEO tips lists most effective once that has helped businesses in Bali to excel within their local market and can help you too!

Author: Rod Sinclair – Digital Marketing Expert

Can SEO Help?

Can SEO Help Your Business??

Despite the fact that the SEO phenomenon is only about fifteen years old, it has been able to achieved huge success as an online business tool. It is not only serve to attract customers online but also to sustain loyalty. Print and broadcast advertising, now it is all about content marketing and social media and most importantly getting your site to appear in search where it is organic SEO or Paid Ads. The internet has changed marketing and SEO is right in the middle of it all.

An attractive website by itself today will not do! You need appropriate meaningful content together with the right keywords but not overdoing it, images and videos and critically regular updates. Websites to need to be functional and efficient, pleasing to the eye, the whole package over time increases you organic SEO rankings. No real secrete, jus quality work.

Small businesses without a budget will struggle, even if they have a budget competitor’s who are much larger will have an advantage but David can complete with Goliath again. Small businesses faced with larger competitors should be mindful the following:

• Include long tailed keywords within powerful written local content

• A boost of offline campaigns and public relations would help intensify advertising

• Mobile websites are essential nowadays, if your site is not mobile responsive time to make it mobile responsive

• Paid Search Ads like Google Adwords and Bing Ads are a powerful compliment to SEO
• Creating content on your sites blog is great but you must share it on Social Media and may need to invest in paid social media campaigns to push your content further

• You must have a budget and use it wisely. Having zero budget is just dreaming

In some scenarios, SEO may not even be the best strategy for a small business. Majestic and Ahrefs remark that competition, budget and time are the essentials factors that need to be considered when striving to achieving high SEO rankings. Whenever you try to get a page one ranking but other sites are ranking about you there is a reason. The are doing things correctly, you may also be doing things correctly but they may have been around longer than you and that means in Googles eyes they are more credible. If you want to compete you need to pay someone to do the work or you need to do the work. Creating content takes time, there are no short cuts.

If you don’t have the time or the budget paid ads may be a better solution, at least you will drive some traffic to your site and that may result in customers. It’s also an instant process.

Chasing Wrong keywords can create problems and stem from poor planning. Searching for example ‘best vacation spot’ will result in a list of resorts and hotels instead of write ups of tourist destinations.

With enough complexities, an expert digital marketing provide like SEO Bali Web Design would factor in all the essentials and formulate a plan of action that hits the right key words efficiently and ideally within four month time frames. New businesses launching products and services are always vulnerable to losing out to the competition. Consider the many countries and languages online and you understand the online market place better.

Software tools like Google Analytic and Webmaster have become essential to understanding the online marketplace and keeping up to date with relevant needs to remain above the competition. Would you have the time and money to take a course to learn about SEO or share the secrets of successful business owners?

Video content and pleasing images work powerfully on the brain that processes them 60,000 times faster that text information. In fact more than 90% of customers make purchases based on what they see. Visual searches may solve may also make life easier for those with language problems or reading challenges. At times search terms do not bring up the results we would like Searching for ‘water’ is like shooting in the dark with endless possibilities.

The more you learn about SEO, the more complex it can appear. Theory does not help, you need economical, practical, timed and results focused solutions and that is exactly what is provided by expert in Digital Marketing like SEO Bali Web Design We are the best in Bali and Indonesia are getting targeted customers to your site.

Author : Rod Sinclair – Digital Marketing Expert

Web Design For Restaurants

Designing is a highly create process and an art. The designer needs to be creative enough to make a design appealing and meaningful to the targeted audience. The rules are the same when it is a website designing also. The designer need to make sure that they understand the expectations of the clients as well as the audiences of the client site when preparing the design of the business site.

See yourself as a restaurant owner and you are planning to start your restaurant site so that you can gain more guests to your Resto bar to taste the cuisine your chefs are preparing. Creating excellent dishes is just not enough to establish a success of a restaurant. The Brand Name and Setting and Menu of the restaurant need to reach the prospective clients in an attractive manner which will in turn invite them to visit the restaurant in person.

Below are our tips for designing an effective and impressive Restaurant website:

For increasing the traffic and potential customers of a restaurant website you need to be aware of the below points:

Discover the reason for which a visitor will come to your site: Before you plan to design the website for your restaurant you will need to think why someone will come to your site.

Basically, there are 3 types of customers:

1. Returning customers

2. New Residents of the city or area

3. Tourists “very common in Bali”
You need to focus on the needs of the above 3 customer types and design the website based on that.

Well Presented Website: If you are the owner of a restaurant you will easily understand what the expectations of the customers are. Customers usually like a healthy and clean atmosphere with exotic dishes and drinks they can enjoy. Your website is the virtual space which will be visited by the potential customers and often is the first impression in their minds. The website needs to be as perfect as you can make it. SEO Bali Web Design are experts in this are and can help you in selecting the ideal template for your restaurant site.

High Resolution Images and Photos Look Great: To advertise your restaurant you need to use great and inviting images. You need to display the key features of your restaurant from its exterior to interior, from the chefs in Kitchen to the awesome dishes they prepare for guests…. Everything needs to be powerfully used in the website with use of high resolution images and photographs. Videos too can be a huge advantage and will provide your restaurant a real time experience to the virtual customers.

Meaningful Relevant Content: Good content is key on the internet and so being a restaurant manager/owner you need to make sure that describe you restaurant in a powerful and inviting manner. Combining visual as well as textual information can be very appeal and persuasive. If you are making Balinese cuisines, then you should give a clear message like “WE SERVE AUTHENTIC BALINESE CUISINE”.

Be genuine to your customers: The world is full of pretend identities and so it is important you show an accurate presentation of your restaurant. Create a dedicated space on your website where you share the story and the history of the restaurant. You need to make your audience feel why you are number one in the industry and why they need to visit you. Below is a guide:

1. Year of Commencement

2. Name of Owner and Manager

3. Head Chef’s name

4. Main Menu

5. Team members

6. Opening and Closing Hours

7. Location/Address

Designing a restaurant website need creative as well as technical skilled and can be handled by professional experts like us. To develop the best web design services for your restaurant or business you can rely on

Author: Rod Sinclair – Digital Marketing Expert