Why it’s important to write content regularly

Why it’s important to write content regularly

Following on from last month article about content, let's continue with this important topic.  When you have a website or blog, it’s extremely important to have the website or blog update regularly to build a strong and good quality website. Content that has been optimized will get  higher rankings on search engines. A search engine like Google regularly indexed the newest content, save it on their database and it will be more likely to show up on the search bar when someone look for it.

When it comes to write a content, a content writer can’t make duplicate content from the articles that already exist or copy and paste someone’s else content. High-quality content should have few criteria mentioned below :

  • The content is original, plagiarism is not tolerated by Google, Bing etc and will harm the ranking of your website

  • The content writer has responsibility for what they write, it’s important to give the correct information and not misleading the reader. Research is recommended before writing a content.  Please no more fake news.

  • The content should be easy to understand, people will read your  content and spend more time on the website.  You don't need to write for rocket scientists.  

  • A content of a good standard is advantageous  for readers and easily understood.  It does not have to be War and Peace, sometimes short and simple is best.

  • Good quality content is shareable through social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Some other important reasons why the content need to be updated regularly, as follows :

  • More visitor and traffic to the website

With more content updated regularly, visitor will find the information they need and it will instantly gain more traffic to the website not to mention trust and credibility.  Yes!!!

  • Website/business get recognition

When the traffic increases, it’s build the awareness to your potential audience that your business exists and is a leading authority, an industry expert.  This can actually gain you customers, more sales and that means more money!!!

  • High ranking on search engine

More content of high quality can boost your organic rankings. It may help place your website on 1st page of the search engine.  Awesome!!!

  • Getting the backlink

High quality content would also help to obtain natural backlinks to your website. Many other websites will recommend your content by including the link source, and it will take potential customers and more traffic back to your website.  Natural backlinks!!! 

  • Indexing faster

By updating the content regularly, Google will crawl more often. Publishing new content can help to index on Google faster.

  • Increasing SEO ranking

One of the key with SEO technique is to update content regularly with high-quality content. The more new content you have, means will assist SEO not to mention internal linking and backlinking in between the content.  It also keeps readers engaged more which is a very powerful metrics to help boost your rankings.

  • Increasing conversion and sales.  Yes more money!!!

When your website regularly updating the content and produces high-quality content, your potential customer could view your business as credible and professional. It will gain trust from the customer with is an important step to gaining more customers.

To get ranked on a search engine is not an instant process. It could take 6 months or more. The content written has to be in high quality, relevant and useful in order to get more traffic and boost the ranking on search engine.

So you know who to contact if you need articles written on your website on a regular basis.  

Content Creation and why its important

Conten creation is extremely important and powerful. Why ? because google would love to see if the content is creating on the website and to check how many people engaging on the website. When the crawler (known as bot or spider) crawling to a content, it will find the newest content and identify the link into a URL list to crawl. This is very important for SEO strategy when the search engine find a good quality and quantity content in a page.

Creating a good quality content is very essential for a website. It would aid you to get lead, targetted clients and brand awareness. When people read the content, it will build the impression or develop the perception toward the business, brand, or service. Benefits by having high quallity content for your business or Online marketing :

 Brand Awareness
 Gain the audiens attention
 Getting Lead
 Increasing traffic to a website
 Increasing engagement with customer
 Develop and maintain relation with customer
 Optimizing high quality content to boost your SEO

A content needs to be written with a purpose and meaning, and original. Google will check if the content is genuine. Google may penalize you for plagiarism content, by reducing your SERP or completely taking your website from their search engine. Creating an original and distinctive content would be a great way for you to make your content being recognized by the audience. Having a unique and distintive content would preventing someone else copying the content.

 Content creation is time consuming, it takes time to create. To save people’s time who’s own the business we provide the service where we create an original writen content.
The Pricing as follows :

5 article USD 375

10 article USD 650

Each article typically 500 -600 words in length. To write one article will require research for 2 hours, 2 hours to write the content, 1 hour to prove
read and edit the content. High quality content shall have the standard as follows :

 The content is easy to find In your website : If the visitor is visiting your website, they should be able to find the newest and the best content on your site. Out of your website : which means the search through the search engine. People who doesn’t know your website should be able to find it by type in the keyword on search engine.

 The content is shareable
When people see a high quality content, they want to share it with others via social media, or at least on their facebook. It’s important to make the content easy to share via social media platforms.

 High quality content is readable (easy to read)
Readability is extremely important for the text. Great design and good content is included.
From the design perspective, high quality content won’t hurt your eyes when you read/see it.

That’s why is extremely essential to put your attention while creating a content, in regards
to the font size, the text color and background colour, margin, etc in order to make the
content readable.
 High quality content is memorable
High quality content is not only to entertain you for 2 minutes, then it’s gone. It will always be remembered, re visit, and recommended to others. To create high quality content is not
easy, but it would be easy if you have your passion in it. What is interesting about it, a content is timeless. You can write the content today and after few years the content still can be viewed and be shared. It would lead more traffic to the website.

Tasks to complete after onsite SEO

Important tasks after onsite SEO is completed

Once the website has been done and SEO is completed, the duty is not finished yet. There are important tasks to go through in order to rank the website  and to increase the on page SEO.

  • SSL Certification/TLS. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) – previous version but nowdays it’s known as TLS (Transport layer security) it’s the upgrade version of SSL, it is extremely important to have when you build a website. It’s data file that automatically encripted the website to secure data transmission through the internet network. The website with SSL/TLS installed will come up with url https instead of http.

The advantages of using SSL/TLS:

  1. SSL/TLS encripts sensitive information, to prevent the data from being stolen. Date encription is extremely important when it’s related to account, password, address, credit card, and many other important personal information.
  2. SSL/TSL providing authentication. This will ensure the personal data or information is sent to a correct server, not  a hacker or unauthorised parties.
  3. SSL/TSL build the trust and confidence for the website users. A website with SSL certification has notification, it’s the lock icon on url bar.
  4. Increasing website ranking on leading search engines. In 2014 Google has announced and applied an algorithm that will optimizing/crawl the website with SSL/TSL (https).
  5. PCI (payment card industry) required SSL/TSL certification for a website that has credit card transaction.
  • Select a preferred version of your website. If you’re using WordPress tell WordPress you preffered version of your website in the settings area.
  • Set up Google Console/Webmaster Account. This SEO tools is basically a tool to evaluate the website performance and how it interacts with the search engine. It will help you to tell Google your website page, monitoring the crawling or index errors on the website. Google console would help you to optimize the website ranking on search engine too. If you dont have a gmail account, create one first or if you already have it, you can log in using google console. Add your website url to Google console and verify it. Create xml sitemap and robot txt file, upload this panel to c panel and google console. Create html sitemap wordpress plug in,add html and xml sitemap to footer menu. Request Google webmaster to index all the relevant pages.
  • Set up Google analytic. Google analytic is a platform provided by google to oversee website performance. By using Google analytics, the website owner would be able to evaluating their website performance based on reports provided (Real time visitor, audience report, visitor behaviour, acquisition and conversion). These tools will show you the interaction between the website and the visitors and provide you with important report such as website traffic, which pages have the most viewers, website loading speed,visitor activity on the site (download, watching video, etc), how visitors view the page. It is extremely important to oversee the website perfomance in order to maintain the traffic.
  • Install WordPress Cache plug in. This tool would help to improve the speed and website performance significanly, make the website lighter, ensuring the website and content can be accessed swiftly, optimizing the search engine speed.
  • Set up Bing Webmaster. Basically Bing has the same role as google webmaster, and  is the second biggest search engine after google/youtube. Bing webmaster is user friendly and very suitable for beginner. Create a Bing account, and add your url after logging in. Input the information of your website and URL sitemap website. After submitting the website name then verify it using one of the option : XML file verification, Meta tag verification or DNS verfication. Request Bing webmaster to index the relevan pages.  Bing and Yahoo are also partners.      
  • Request to Google console to crawl new content  and include a list of ping service on wordpress in the settings area. By having ping services we tell the search engine that everytime we create new content on the website the search engine (Google or Bing) will find and index the page faster, including the newest content.

To view my article for On page SEO please visit this link https://www.seobaliwebdesign.com/what-constitutes-quality-on-page-seo/


A frightening comparison between Covid 19 in Indonesia and the USA

A frightening comparison between the USA and Indonesia’s response to COVID 19

So It’s approaching mid November. The official numbers of COVID 19 in the USA are # cases and # deaths. In Indonesia the official cases area # and the deaths from COVID 19 are #. The USA has a population of 300 million and Indonesia has a similar population of 270 million. These numbers just don’t seem to add up. Something is very wrong. Lets compare how the two nations have managed this pandemic. Starting early Jan 2020 President Trump makes a bold decision, to ban anyone flying to the USA from China or who has recently visited China. This single action saved a great many lives. At the onset of this pandemic the USA seemed to take this pathological threat very seriously. In contracts Indonesia allowed direct flights to continue from China and even Wuhan and did not take action to ban flights till mid Feb 2020, approximately five weeks later. March and no COVID 19 cases in Indonesia, neighbours like Singapore Australia and Thailand were all warning Indonesia to increase testing as they all had reported cases. The Indonesian Minister of Health was boasting they were just too effective at detecting the virus, Indonesia was in some way immune to the virus and God will protect Indonesia from this pandemic. It was only when people from Japan returned home from Indonesia that the first report of COVID 19 was confirmed. Indonesia did not take this threat at all seriously till mid March. Both the USA and Indonesia had no national response to combat this virus. Instead they allowed regional governors to adapt their own strategies to control the pandemic. In the USA some area had brutal lock downs that lasted many weeks. No such lock downs occurred across Indonesia. There were some specific areas in Jakarta and Surabaya that would be locked down for a short period of time but for the vast majority of the nation lock downs were considered unthinkable. Then comes social distancing. Both countries encouraged people to socially distance and wear masks. But what does this really mean? It means that most people are not wearing masks and socially distancing, on a wide scale people were and are visiting friends and family. In the USA churches from most of the time were still open. In Indonesia for most of the time Mosques were still open. People in both countries in public areas at times can be seen wearing masks and at times are not wearing masks. The situation for both countries here is a total mess. The Trump administration has been heavily criticised on a daily bases and there is an out roar regarding how this pandemic has been managed. In Indonesia there has been some but little criticism, definitely not as vocal. The vast majority of people in Indonesia appear blind to the response of the government. It just seems inconvenient that there is less money and people have to wear a mask in public. The health system in the USA is below most western nations but is considerably much better than the Indonesian health system which ranks the lowest in South East Asia so if someone is seriously sick with COVID 19 in the USA, you would expect them to have a better chance of survival. The biggest single difference between the USA and Indonesia is the US has done a much better job at reporting the cases and deaths relating from this pandemic including contact tracing. The US response is considerably much more transparent. Scientists has for many months now questioned Indonesians official figures and it seems as if they have deliberately been under reporting this pandemic. Both presidents have admired they have withheld information from the public so to not cause a panic. I do not have the data but it would be interesting to compare the deaths in Indonesia from March – Nov 2020 to 2019 and 2018. What I suspect is you will see a massive increase in deaths somewhere between 200000 – 300000 in 2020 from natural causes like heart and lung related illnesses. I would further speculate that these illnesses would have occurred from COVID 19 complications but if the government is deliberately trying to suppress this data and under report then it could be many years for the truth to unravel. Bases on the above, I would not be surprised if COVID 19 in Indonesia was as bad if not worse than the USA   Next month we will be talking about SEO and how to improve SEO once your on page SEO is completed.

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