What Constitutes Quality On Page SEO

Let’s take a look at quality On Page SEO

On page SEO is the technique or practice to optimize the website or individual page using one or several relevan keywords, the optimization will be done internally on your own website. By doing on page SEO the website will tell the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) what the webpage is about and when people look for the website by type in the relevan keywords, it will have an optimal chance of appearing on search engine, and preferably the webpage will rank on the 1st page of search engine. Relevancy and quality are very important to a website/webpage to get ranked and to get more traffic on a search engine, it could take months for a webpage to rank as it’s not an instant process. To get ranked on first page of search engine (SERP : search engine rank position) it’s very important to optimize on page SEO for below categories: 1. Keyword phrase : It’s the most important factor to have before building the website. Keyword research is very essential to find out what topic the users would search the most on search engine, to get to know the keywords competition on search engine and prioritize the primary or secondary keyword phrase. The potential keywords would obtain more traffic to the website. As a general rule when you do on page seo for a particular page you would have one primary keyword phrase and one secondary keyword phrase. You could have two secondary keyword phrases but any more could confuse the search engine with regard to what the actual page content is about. 2. URL : to get more users to visit the website, the URL should be include the keyword,clear, easy to read and easy to understand for visitors, as the URL will be seen first before visitor clicking on the website. 3. Content : it’s what appear on the webpage, the information we provide on the webpage for visitors and relevant information provided for the visitors in order to get traffic. Google algorithm will crawl for a high quality content. The relevancy of keyword and content would give major impact for on page SEO. Google willl chek to ensure the content is genuine. Plagiarism will lead to penalty from Google and Google may penalize you by reducing your SERP or completely takingn your website from their search engine. 4. H1 and H2 – H6 Headings: H1 tag has a major role for on page SEO. It’s necessary you have only one H1 heading and to place a keyword on H1 tag. More than one H1 tag will appear un natural. Having the H2 – H6 headings would make it easier for users to get the relevant points they require, it also would help the search engine to understand the structure of the page and to crawl your content and let the search engines knows what the content is about. 5. Body : As a good guide of on page optimization, the focused keyword phrase or words within the keyword phrase should be ideally place on the 1st paragraph or within 100 – 150 words of content. It requires to be mentioned minimum 3 times on the whole paragraph to meet the keyword density of on page SEO where the page consists of 500 – 600 words of content. Important! Don’t over do it as it will appear unnatural. 6. Title Tag : placing words in the keyword phrase in the title of the page. It doesn’t need to exatly match the keyword phrase in the title as Google algorithm is highly intelligent and understand what you are trying to achieve. 7. Meta Description : With a limited number of characters to write, the sentence need to be attractive to transmitting a relevant message to visitors. A Meta description could potentially be the second thought for the users when they see the search engine webpage and read your description. It simply helps. 8. Alt Image Description and linking the page to another page in the website. These are also important for on page SEO. It provides Google with a further understanding regarding what the page content is about. On page SEO is not rocket science, but it is somewhat of both an art and science. It is simply sending a clear message to the search engine regarding what a given page is about so it has a good change of being ranked high in SERP. If you need our assistance regarding quality on page SEO contact us.

Vietnam and Thailand once again lying about COVID 19 and they are not alone

Tourist Destinations like Vitamin and Thailand blatantly lying about COVID 19, are they the only ones lying??

Governments have an agenda and that agenda is usually to stay in power. That means fooling the masses and looking after the rich and powerful. That is a very typical model of governments around the world. The more ignorant, the less informed, the less analytical a population is the easier for a government to fool them and hide their incompetence and corruption.

The Governments of Thailand and Vietnam have a very clear agenda. It is to make money and they make a huge amount of their money from tourism. Tourism has been smashed by this Chinese pandemic and countries like Thailand and Vietnam which rely heavily on tourist money have been financially hurt badly. So what will they do. They will paint a picture, a picture of success and triumph. Telling the truth is not important, they need to show their population how great they are and show that they are competent and a great success. They simply need to show face. It is of course a total lie but in a country where the vast majority of people are ignorant, poorly informed, deeply religious and not at all analytical these

Governments can pretty much say anything and be unchallenged. So the outcome in Thailand and Vietnam is that COVID 19 figures are very low. They preach... "we are doing a lot of testing to keep this pandemic in check. Look no cases for 30 days, 60 days. It’s very safe here and remember when you book your next holiday make sure you visit us." Again this story is a total fabrication, the governments of these countries are really saying the following….. “We want to make money, we have an elite class of rich and powerful people who we serve and we need to stay in power and continue to make them money. We are prepared to sacrifice millions of our people to do so and will risk your health as well to make money so visit our country and spend your money here. It’s not really safe but we want your money.” That is what they are really saying. They are not the only ones doing this.

Their much larger neighbour with 270 million people thrive on conditions where the vast majority of people are deeply religious, narrow minded, gullible and will swallow whatever their government preaches with loyalty and obedience. They are most likely leading the world in fudging the COVID 19 figures and will continue to do so until this pandemic is no longer a pandemic. The harsh reality is tourism is completely smashed until this Chinese Virus is no longer a threat and that means until there is a vaccine which is still many months away.

So I would love you to visit Bali but unfortunately it’s exactly the same as Thailand and Vietnam, no wait, it is probably worse. The virus in Bali and Indonesia is massively under reported, scientists stated it have exceeded one million cases at the beginning of August, it is now near mid September. I would not be surprised if Indonesia had cases that were comparable to Brazil or India. So we would love you to visit Bali and relax and enjoy a relaxing holiday but it will not be safe for many months to come.

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How is the Government managing the COVID 19 Crisis

To correctly understand how the Government has managed this Pandemic you have to first understand who they Really Look After

The official infections to date from COVID 19 in Indonesia is around 133000 and the death toll is just under 6000. Indonesia is a world leader in under reporting this virus so the real figures will most likely be many times higher than these official figures.

At the onset of this pandemic back in March the Minister of Health was advising Indonesia in some peculiar way was immune to this virus due to the unique climate conditions of the archipelago. Neighbours with similar environmental conditions such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand were warning Indonesia that their climate was very similar to the neighbouring countries but strangely no reports of COVID 19 were reported. Perhaps the Health Minister was correct. No, Indonesia was just not testing sufficiently and the virus was only discovered when people returning from Indonesia were found to have contracted the virus in Indonesia. The Health Minister then implied God will protect Indonesia and drinking Jamu 'a drink made from Turmeric' was a possible cure for COVID 19. No scientific data was used to back up these claims. As the virus started to spread the Minister of Heath encouraged people to pray harder. So one has to wonder how has the Government looked after the people they are meant to protect?

To answer this question we must first understand who the Government serves. Who are the people the Government is actually meant to protect. There are 270 million people in Indonesia. The Government serves and looks after it’s master, the top wealthiest 1% and more specifically the top .01%, Indonesia’s elite rich. The role of the Government is to look after the wealth and welling of rich and elite rich and it has performed very well during this crisis. Rich people will lose money, they will make less money but they will still despite all of this make lots of money. The Indonesian Government’s task is to simply do two things. 1, look after the wealth and well being of the rich and 2 stop the poor from starving. When poor people starve they revolt and no government wants that so as long as the 99% don’t starve they will endure the virus. The Government needs to get the economy and the masses moving and embrace the new normal so that the rich will still make money. If one million or 10 million poor people are infected there are millions more to carry the load and maintain both essential and non essential functions to keep society working.

Right from the birth of Indonesia with first President Sukarno, the political system was established to keep the rich and super rich wealthy and exploit the masses. Sukarno squandered the wealth of the nation and did not really care about the life of the common person as long as they had food and did not starve. Today nothing has changed, the poor exist to be exploited so the rich can make money and the Government ensures this happens. They are doing a fantastic job at managing this crisis.

With a national IQ of around 86 ignorance is bliss and the people in power know this all to well. Most Indonesians are deeply religious and subscribe to a religion that from a very young age teaches it’s followers to be obedient, to not question and have blind faith. Combine this with a deeply rooted Government controlled educate system and you have the perfect conditions to encourage ignorance. Government officials can pretty much say anything and the masses will not question and be obedient. This system works extremely well, the rich and super rich are the beneficiaries of such a system and the vast majority of senior politicians are from these societal groups which should be of no surprise. So how has the Indonesian Government managed this crisis, they have done extremely well. They have protected the well being of the rich and powerful even if it means placing millions of poor people in harms way. There are plenty of poor people, it isn’t even a consideration.

The great thing about Digital Marketing is your can call it how it really is.

How Can Young People Look For Work in a Pandemic.?Don’t!

So What can young people starting out in the workforce do to gain Employment during COVID 19?

Many younger people are feeling pressure to look for work during this pandemic. Many are getting restless and want to eagerly get into the workforce and start earning money. Despite the chaos and madness of this global catastrophic many news channels are given advise and encouragement to younger people on how they can go about seeking employment. Below is what you need to do

Do Nothings. Absolutely nothing. The world right now is in absolute chaos, people are dying, people are infecting others who in tern will infect more people. The world as not seen such a brutal pandemic in 100 years during the Spanish Influenza Pandemic which resulted in 50 million deaths.

Ask yourself a question? Would you go out in a storm, would you walk down the street in the poring rain without an umbrella. Well right now there is a level 5 cyclone. It does not get any worse. So stay inside and sit tight. Ride it out for a few more months.

So many people have lost their jobs, the level of competition is at an all time high. So for once in your life your can lounge on the couch and yes do nothing.

Truth be told we all get bored of doing nothing after a short time. Do what most people do online, watch porn and play games. That's right I said it. A great way to blow off steam and maybe just maybe for one or two hours a day do a udemy course or something. Educate yourself in a particular area. One or two hours a day over a month, over a few months can really transform your skills in a given area.

The world right now is in turmoil. Now is a time to be introspective an build yourself up and at the same time burn off some steam. It is a time to stay indoors and hey also on a daily basis workout indoors. We actually don't need the gym, skipping, push-ups sit-ups, star-jumps can do wonders on the human body. Regarding looking for a job however, now is not the time so if a family member of friend is telling your to get up off your behind and look for work you know know what to tell them.

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